How on earth can I have put weight on

Hey, you cant possibly have put on weight if you are following a VLCD to the letter, so try not to worry about it too much

Have you been drinking your 4 litres a day? Sometimes TOTM can affect water retention which may make it look like you have put on weight, but it will be gone again next week.

You have lost 17lbs so far....remember you are aiming for 14lbs a month, anything over that is a bonus
Ah so its your own scales not an official WI?

Seriously hun, dont worry, just wait and see wat your results are on tuesday and discuss how you feel at your meeting., your LLC should be able to give you the reasons why your scales are showing a gain of sorts,

Try not to get too caught up on your own scales....I am addicted to mine and find it really hard not to weigh constantly!
Maybe you shouldn't weigh at home? How often do you weigh? It can fluctuate morning to evening and day to day so stick to the weigh in with your counsellor if this sort of thing is going to annoy you.

There are so many reasons for it sometimes you have a few slow weeks and then it speeds up, my losses are up and down all the time but I've gotten over that now and only ever look at the numbers over 4 or 5 weeks, never just one week.

If you are remotely under the weather you can retain water, if you have had too much salt too, so if you add salt to your packs maybe cut down. As has been said already its also really important to make sure you are having your water, and too much tea or coffee may make you lose water but then your body thinks it needs to store it and will retain it after!

Don't get hung up on any one week or weigh in, it will only demoralise you. If you know (as you do) that you have stuck to the plan religeously, sit back and rest in the knowledge that your weight IS coming off and the numbers will add up soon enough.

Some of us (me and a few others) don't lose quite as much, my average weight loss is probably about 2.75 pounds per week, but I have come to terms with that. I am a short person and my body just needs less fuel to tick over than a taller person...... Its still double (or more) the weight loss I could promise myself on any other diet.

You are right there is nothing you can do but stick to the plan!

Yes, I agree with mags1x. Just don't weigh yourself at home. If you had 10 sets of scales and weighed yourself on each one of them they would probably all read differently. Just stick to the ones at your LL center.
Look on it as a great achievement. You do not want to throw all that hard work away. My advice would be to throw your scales away. Forget about them and look forward to being weighted by your counsellor. If you stick to the diet you will lose 1 stone by the end of your first month. Everybody takes a different route to get there but in the end we all get to the same destination!
Cheer up and don't despair!;)
All excellent advice, the average is a stone per month, thats why its taken in an average. to take in to account fluctuations, I had been known to fluctuate 6lbs over one day hun, so please do not despair.

I think the best thing to do is get someone to hide the scales, thats what I did and weighed once a week from then on, it tied me up in knots weighing every day, after the first initial excitement it does slow down, but there I was 5 months on and 5st lighter x