How on earth do you restart?


I don't understand why I can't restart?! I started sole sourcing 8 weeks ago now, did great for the first 4 weeks, lost nearly 2 stone... and then BAM! Food crept in... it wasn't a big deal at first... but this week, I've had ONE pack! and ONE bar! the rest has been crap crap crap!

Every morning for the past couple of weeks, I have woken up thinking today is going to be the day, I'm going to restart... I don't even make it to 10am any more :-( I use to be able to make it to 4pm.... what is wrong with me?

I am beating myself up about it so much and the more depressed about it I get the more I want to eat. I feel trapped.... I've put half a stone back on already and I just don't want to go back to where I started.

I need to get back on this thing now! Today!

Please help :-(

Honey, don't beat yourself about it. Honestly I'm 90% of us have stopped started and restarted and have had exactly the same problem or even worse. My advice to you would be for you to start off with one of the higher programs and work your way down, it is soo much easier that way and the pressure of not eating is greatly reduced. You can do it hun, don't give up :)
Hiya Laura

Restarting is an entirely different process than starting for the first time....

Check out this thread which may help you to see things in a different light

Hope it helps and good luck, hun.....just yell if there's anything more that we can do. :)
Thanks Zareena and Diva

I just read that post Diva it does make so much sense.

I have tried going on the 790 plan and the one above it, but me and food have issues, once I start... its just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I need to sole source to get through this. Maybe I am setting myself an unachievable goal.

As the half a stone has crept back on I am starting to get angry again.

Maybe I need to work out when my 'trigger' times are and then set myself a walking challenge at that time, so that I just go out and walk for half an hour or something.

I have to get back on sole source today, I have a wedding to go to in three weeks and I really didn't want to go as a size 18/20, I wanted to be a size 16... I know if I sole source for three weeks, I can get there... its just that I've been trying to stick to it for the past few weeks and haven't managed a single day :-(

I'll try and look at it just as today... if I can get through today, maybe tomorrow won't be so bad. I shall get my stepometer and every time I feel the need to walk to the fridge, I'll go for a walk outside instead....

I really need to do this today.... thanks for your support. :)) Will keep you posted

Take it one hour at a time if it helps and maybe everytime you get the urge to eat, drink some water?! Or divide your packs into 6 (I assume you're have 3 a day).. anything to make it slightly easier really..Tell us how you get on :)
Hiya Laura

Forget what has happened up to now and clear your mind. Class this as the first day of a new diet and your aim is to do the next three weeks without breaking it.

That is just 21 days and you can count them down, every day that you don't eat will make you stronger and stronger and after the first few days you will be set.

Water is key though! It is the life blood of the diet and the body so everytime you think you are going to nibble or eat then make sure you grab a large glass of water and that will sort out the problem.


Thanks Mandy

I'm doing okay so far! One soup and half a bar and 2 litres of water :)

Plus with 4 kids (mostly teenagers) at home, who all seem to work to their own time schedules and have a mother that won't cook for them anymore, I have had to deal with the smell of bacon and eggs cooking on three separate occasions!!!

But I'm not letting it bother me - my pedometer is on and if it gets too much, I'm going out for a walk ! (even in the rain!) . :)


Yes the weather is lovely in Yarmouth today!! NOT!!

Stick with it though m8!

I've never known us to have such bad weather in August!!!!

Haven't needed that walk yet. I've now eaten a whole bar, a chocolate mousse and a soup :) Which is pretty much my quota, but I figure if I have another soup later it won't kill me, has to be better than yesterdays diet!!! I won't go into what that consisted of!!! ;-)

Take care, Laura x
Thought I'd better touch base before I go to bed :)

I didn't do too bad... but did end up with a package of Uncle Bens microwave rice at about 8pm. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it because I know I could have done alot worse.... and overall this is the best day I've had in ages! :)

Plus I had to deal with my other half trying for half an hour to convince me to have a chinese.... and I was strong enough to resist. He is suppose to be on the plan with me, and all the time I've been cheating, he's been pretty good, but today as soon as I decide to be good! he wants to cheat!! Men!


i have been goin to bed everynight thinkin i will restart tomorro for a very very long time - and i would get through the whole day then get home and eat just b4 i go to bed, or even go to bed, then wake up in the middle of the night thinkin that was too easy and go eat!!!! (whats wrong with me) but i accept i have an issue with food and using it as a form of self punishment, i need to love myself and reward myself by sticking to this amazing diet

this week (well yesterday) i decided i am restarting PROPERLY, i joined this thread - which has got me through today !!!!!! i bought a digi scale and got myself the ticker below....
i read a quote on sum1's signature i really like too -

'it is never too late to be what you might have been'

i think her name was iris - i love it and wrote it on a piece of a4 and stuck it on my mirror!

good luck laura
lots of love and support
Tara xxx
Ive been on the diet for 4 months now (lost nearly 6 stone), and have eaten normal food on 4-5 occasions - usually on birthdays, job interviews, xmas etc. On all of these occasions i didnt want to eat the food as i thought it would interupt my diet, and i was conscience of that fact that i may struggle to get back onto the diet. However on each occasion, i managed to get back on the diet without too many problems

However i feel the best plan of action is to try and plan your day, and spread the food and water intake evenly.

For example, my usual day would be

(1) wake up (say 8.30), and drink 1 and a half litres of water for an hour or so

(2) then have a fruits of the forest smoothy as food

(3)then from 11-3pm, drink another 3 litres of water

(4) 4pm have a chocolate bar

(5) 4pm-6pm drink final 1.5 litre of water

(6) 7pm have strawberry smoothy

(7) 9pm have butterscotch moose

(8) Go to bed at 11.

Idally try and keep as busy as possible. On days where i have little to do, i get bored, and tend to start thinking about food, and thus i crave it. However when im busy, the day passes by quickly, and as i result i tend not to think about food, and the diet seems easy.