How should I take this?


Gone fishing
Kiddo at school comes us to me today

Kiddo:"Miss...what does unique mean?"
Me: It means unusual. One of a kind. Odd. Different. Why?"
Kiddo: Oh..just wondering cos the Headmaster was talking about you in assembly and said you were unique.

:eek::eek::D :D
Take it as a compliment. You are:
unique in your acheivement
unique in your ability to keep the weigh off
unique in your cheerfulness

Take it all as a compliment.

Freak Unique ;)
Well...I hope so, but I did wonder.

Wish I gave the kid a more glowing definition:eek:

Perhaps I'll update it tomorrow when I see him :D
Most definitely a compliment! :)
There is only the one Karion Dieting:D

Definitely a compliment!!!

Love Mini xxx
You are definately unique & I mean that in the nicest possible way. :)