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How to get more fibre in your diet?

Fibre plus bars contain 20% of your daily requirement of fibre and are yummy! Milk chocolate one is 5.5 syns and dark chocolate one is 6 syns or both flavours can be used as a HEXB.

Things like fruit, vegetables, potatoes with skins, seeds, oats, wholemeal pasta and brown rice all contain fibre.

Hope this helps :)
Fibre plus bars are yummy! Just enough chocolate to satisfy a craving without dropping off the waggon!


Now to maintain.....
Scan Bran!

Some love it, some hate it, but it is indisputable for getting the fibre into your diet!

yep i was just going to say.....SCAN BRAN!!!!! bucketloads of fibre for you!
Ooo thanks all, can you buy fibre bars in regular supermarkets?

Scanbran from meeting right?
Kellogs fibre plus bars are available in supermarkets. Scan bran you can buy in Holland and Barret as well as at your meeting.
I think you need to be looking at pulses and beans to increase fibre. A fibre plus bar has 20% of your daily fibre needs but beans and pulses can really increase it.
Ahhhh beans n pulses. I love these but the past week Ive had none due to being on red, right!
I have a plan for this week, thank thank thank you all so much.

What would I do without you all???



Now to maintain.....
on a green or ee day(better on green!) you can make a lovely bean soup...loadsa fibre and they are all speed as well as superfree on green!
FYI Fibre Plus bars are buy one packet get one free at morrisons at the moment - I know this has been mentioned elsewhere but thought if you were going out to get some then you would appreciate the heads up, coz they arent cheap.
Baked Beans, scan bran, all bran, kelloggs fibre plus bars,

if you look in your SW book the B choices usually have F next to them if they are high in fibre - maybe that will give you some guidance too xxx i also think if the have two FF they are SUPER fibrus!!! xxx
Ooo Ellebear I dint think of checking out the F foods in the book! How silly am I!

And thanks for the recipe Tarka, however I live on my own and if I bake a cake, I eat a cake :D
I would say avoid white carbs completely where possible and stick to wholewheat. Eating white carbs has absolutely no health benefits whatsoever.

So switch from white pastas, rices, cous cous etc to the wholewheat variety. Leave skins on white potatoes (even when making slimming world chips) as well as sweet potatoes. Also as someone else mentioned, pulses and beans etc also have high a fibre value and of course the dreaded scan bran. lol

I found this list of high fibre foods that you might find useful.

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