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how to know when its the right time


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Hi all,

I am a terrible dieter, useless. I got married on the 29th April, same day as the Royals, though I think my wedding was far better, anyway, I did want to loose weight for the wedding, but decided that it was too much pressure to try and loose so decided that I wasn't going to bother till I was really ready.

Thats where I have now come stuck, How do you know when you are ready ?

I have joined the SW online, as I find it difficult to stick to the wi's everyweek, and I don't feel that welcome there, a bit cliquey for me. I have just been out and done the shopping, Dh is gonna have a fit when he sees the shopping bill :D and I have my running machine set up, though I have no intentions of running on it .... walking only, and I am starting Zumba next Friday.

I have made the decision not to tell my friends that I am on a diet, as everytime I do, I'm gutted when I don't loose anything. I have done SW before, and lost half a pound in 12 weeks, but I didn't understand the diet for about 6 weeks, I just didn't get it at all. I do now though.

So what I am wondering, where I am at the moment, am I in the right frame of mind to start this change of life ? when you have been on so many diets when do you know that this is the time that you are going to succeed with it ?

Lisa x
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Hiya - not a someone who has been on diets before so no advice to give i'm afraid, just didn't want to read & run. Congrats on your wedding, and you were right to not put too much pressure on yourself by trying before to loose weight - good luck x
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If you have to ask if you are in the right frame of mind or not IMO you're obviously not.

Just do your best with SW remember it isn't a diet, you are not going to go hungry or do without treats. It may be easier to 'get in the right frame of mind' if you start to think of SW as a eating plan for life rather than 'diet'.


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I was in the same boat all my adult life, lose a stone the put on a stone. That was until I went for a work medical and after they weighed me I could have cried, 19st the heaviest I have ever been. That week I promised myself to do something about it once and for all.

The time was right for me to start, I joined my local SW class and I never looked back. Wednesday past was my 9th week on the plan and I have lost 50lb!?! Still can't believe I have lost so well, but I also know if my heart was not in it I could not lose a tenth off that weight.

You will find your time and when you do you go for it for all your worth :)


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I have been in a similar position many times. I think you and only you can know if its the right time. Its not always just about the 'right time' tho you can get yourself into the right frame of mind with a bit of concentration. Have a think about what happened previous times that led to you not reaching your goals and what you can do to avoid that this time. Its like having a map for your journey!! Lol!! Ps hope you had a lovely wedding and honey moon x


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If you have to ask if you are in the right frame of mind or not IMO you're obviously not.

I think the same when people say "I am going to start next week".

Everyone on here WANTS to lose weight and believes that this time they really will... but is that enough for all those hundreds of tiny decisions you have to make every single day for a substantial period of the future (if not forever?) in order to lose weight for life

You have to KNOW you will do this, not just desire it. Sit down and have a huge think about how your life/self-esteem/relationships are affected by your weight. If the answer is "not enough to stick to a prolonged regime to fix my head and body" then maybe just learn to accept who you are, and learn to love and respect the person that you are today, regardless of size.

If you realise that your weight is actually affecting your life (and possibly the lives of those around you) in a substantial way and feel an utter need to now change and accept that it is not for wimps, and will be hard, and you will not always get it right, but mostly you will, then the benefits are honestly going to far outweigh the hardships.

It is not enough to want it, you have to do it- every day- forever.

(It is SO worth it!)

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