how to loose 6 stone in 7 months

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  1. ALB1993

    ALB1993 Full Member

    hi everyone, I have just achieved a fantastic weight loss of 6 stone and achieved this in 7 months! I just wanted to share how I did this with everyone.

    There's 2 key things you need to loose weight. 1- dedication. if you are not dedicated you might as well give up now. you must be determined to loose weight, if you are you will, if your not you won't.

    2- I lost the weight via calorie counting. I ate 1000 calories a day. I know this is pretty low but this was ok as I was 6 stone over weight. I also drank a lot of water and diet coke which filled me up through out the day.

    I didn't so much exercise, but I did a lot of walking. I now go to the gym as I want a lovely tonned body!

    My advice to any one that wants to loose weight - do it sooner than late as I surely feel fantastic. I'm annoyed at my self for not doing it earlier ! The best thing is opening your wardrobe to new cloths and wearing what you want !
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  3. The Caretaker

    The Caretaker Silver Member

    Well there you go there's more than one way to skin a cat, I too have lost 6st in 7 months using Slimming World I have eaten till i'm full and aout of 27 weeks i have lost weight in 26 of them. Well done on your fantastic loss do you have any pics Befores & Afters?
  4. ALB1993

    ALB1993 Full Member

    well done ! such a fantastic feeling ! no not on this mobile I don't do you??
  5. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    Well done to both of you :)
  6. Joda06

    Joda06 Member

    Wow!!! Well done to you both that's a fantastic achievement.
  7. Salty23

    Salty23 Member

    That's incredible! Well done :)
  8. Rj28

    Rj28 Member

    Amazing weight loss, well done!
  9. Scooter-boy

    Scooter-boy Silver Member

    Brilliant dedication.....WELL DONE !!!!
  10. Fantastic losses - well done both of you!
  11. Jacko20

    Jacko20 Member

    Wow well done to both of you, it is such a great motivation to find people that have put the work in and it has paid off, good work :)
  12. Beanie0506

    Beanie0506 Member

    I also have lost 6st 3.5lb in 7 months.... But I have excess skin :-( so I'm still struggling on don't know if I'll ever get to target at this rate ! Well done to you 2 :) xx
  13. FreyaJane

    FreyaJane Member

    Just seen this - wow what great weight losses from you guys, inspirational!

    The caretaker - thanks for sharing your before and nearly there photos, really helps to keep me motivated seeing your amazing transformation!
  14. got2doit

    got2doit Full Member

    Well done to you all for such fantastic loses. X
  15. ALB1993

    ALB1993 Full Member

    thank you - hitting it at the gym now to keep it off ! to any one loosing weight - go for it it's the best thing you can ever do ! amazing !
  16. harjeetgrewal

    harjeetgrewal New Member

    In order to lose weight you have to consume fruits that helps in weight loss, one of the best fruit is pineapple,pineapple really helps in weight loss and provides slim belly.
  17. ETanny

    ETanny Full Member

    Well done to you both :)

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