How to love yourself?

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  1. Sam

    Sam Banned

    I have already lost quite much weight, but unfortunately it is still a long way to go until I will have reached my perfect weight. Well, but although I have already lost weight I am still not able to accept myself and still I don't see any attractive parts on my body. What can I do to love myself a little more?
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    Ooooh the 64 thousand dollar question and also something i'm working on myself at the moment. Unfortuntely i'm better at dishing out the advice and struggle to take it myself. You have to believe yourself worthy. Start making more of an effort with yourself, if possible spend a bit of money on yourself every now and again - I'm no expert but when i was a size 12 i still felt fat and ugly. I now realise i'm far from ugly (blowing my own trumpet i know! lol) but beauty is very much a state of mind.
  4. Flab-u-less-Flower

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    First and foremost take your arms and give yourself a hug! Look how far you have come and just continue to FOCUS on all the good parts & things about you that everyone else see's. Yanno, we are our own worse critic, it is high time we embrace ourselves and love ourselves unconditionally!
  5. Sam

    Sam Banned

    You are right and it is true; I should be proud of myself because I have already lost weight. Well, but the problem is that I don't see any good parts concerning my body. And my husband also doesn't pay me a compliment very often...So he isn't helpful at all :-(
  6. Flab-u-less-Flower

    Flab-u-less-Flower Silver Member

    Turn that smile around and find something that you like about yourself and FOCUS on that, we all have something we like, what about your eyes, your nose, your smile, your hair, anything positive and this will be a start, then each week start loving something on your body, such as my legs are stronger now, I can walk further because of it etc. Positive, positive, positive, you can do it Sam. Start complimenting yourself daily!
  7. Sam

    Sam Banned

    Well actually I think that my eyes are quite pretty...Oh and by the way I almost forgot to tell you what happened yesterday. My husband said that I looked great having lost some weight already and that he advocated what I am doing right now. It was so nice to hear a compliment out of his mouth.
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