how to pack light for holiday?


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have i got everything?
i cant stand taking tons of luggage when i go away, im a kind of hippychick/beach bum, so this is what ive packed, hubby thinks its too light..

1 bikini, 1 sarong, 1 towel, flip flops, sunscreen
2 shorts, 5 tops, walking boots or trainers, socks

evening wear
1 dress. 1 pair shoes to go with dress and skirts
1 skirt with several tops to go with it

warm top. rucksack.smellies, undies, books, (work folder)
How long are you going for Jo - 2 nights????

Me I take so much - just in case - & never end up using half of it...we are away in 12 days & I am hoping to cut down as we are only going for 7 days!

Just a suggestion, but I'd take another dress for going out in the evening. Another towel, a costume for swimming, another bikini to wear separately with the shorts/skirts, 2 more pairs of shorts or a pair of trousers.

Hope I don't seem too bossy:eek:
I would stick with 1 sarong, take another bikini or cossie, a cardie/light jumper & a light pair of trousers in case of rain/bad weather/cloud. Otherwise sounds fine.

I'm another that always goes on hol with hand luggage only! I figure if I am missing something I REALLY need i can buy it there. (I used to take way too much and have now worked out what I need by too many hols hauling stuff around I don't wear!) I also hate the idea of the airport losing all my stuff - if I have everything with me they can't!

Love xxx
I like this one ,
last year i went on my honeymoon to jamaica and took about 10 pairs of shoes and i wore 2 of them and i bought so much stuff when i was out there i left 9 pairs there coz i couldn't shut my case lol !

I will read and learn !!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
well im going to wear some trousers on the plane so wont need to take another pair as well.
i dont wear cossies, and we usually go to nudie beaches so wont need more than 1 bikini!
and im taking a light cardi/fleecy top for cooler evenings.

i reckon im ok.

i once travelled through Spain on a motorbike with just a rucksack, so im used to packing hardly anything.

were off to COrfu for a week..i love it there :)
Hi Jo,

I am one of those that brings the kitchen sink with me!!!LOL

I would love to learn the ART of packing what is needed and no more.

I hope you have a wonderful long you going for?

Love Mini xxx
hiya Mini
were going for a week, im looking forward to it, but at the same time i know i will be worrying about Jacob while im away. mums babysitting him, and shes terrified! she worried something will happen to him whilst were away. ive told her, hes getting better, and just eats and sleeps and thats about it. hes not allowed out, and were blocking off the stairs so he can wander around the house safely without the risk of falling down the stairs.
ohhh im looking forward to a bit of sun and relaxation!
Hi Jo,

I am sure your mum will look after Jacob well, but I know it is still a bit of a worry with all you have been through and it is tough, no two ways about it.

The holiday will do you the world of good and it will be good to get the chance to chill out:cool:

How much weight are you down are you on this time last year???

You had most of it gone by Christmas, I think?

Love Mini xxx
WOW I'm mega impressed :eek: !!!!!!!!!!!

It's not so much how many clothes I take, but it's all the makeup, toiletries etc. Mr.D always says I need a suitcase just for all of that :p but hey, this girl's got to look good on hols. Have to say it's really not a pretty sight seeing me without my face on :rolleyes:
Hi Mini
last september we went on holiday and i was around 12.4 stone. a year later and im around 11 stone. ive remained around the 11 stone mark since about November last year, which is great. :) im in size 12 skirts and trousers, and tops are 12/14.
the great thing about packing when youre slim is that the clothes are tiny. a size 12 pair of shorts take up much less space than a size 22 pair!
also..i dont sweat like i used to so i dont have to take so many tops to change into. the other thing is my big knickers have all gone, im wearing tiny thongs which take up no room at all in the suitcase
i just bought the most amazing bikini, its multi coloured stripes with shiny gold straps and ties. its gorgeous :)

the other thing ive noticed is i dont plaster the makeup on like i used to. i used to wear heavy foundation to cover up my big red face, now 9 times out of 10 i wear none at all. my face is a better colour, and the lack of foundation this summer has made me quite tanned, so a bit of bronzer and a lippy is all i will be taking on hols.

i also bought some Johnsons holiday skin body lotion to give my legs a bit of a tan before i expose them. my legs never go brown. my top half gos really dark, my legs stay pink but my thighs and feet go brown so i end up looking stripey!
Hi Jo,

That is an amazing achievement and the bikini sounds really nice! I have never worn thong knickers, apart from a red lacey thing I got for Valentines Day, just remebered it now, goes to show what I must of thought of that:rolleyes: it was more for the bedroom:eek: it was my attempt at being sexy!LOL

I think because you feel more confindent and don't have to hide, is one of the reasons as well that you would not be as inclined to wear foundation, as I feel like that myself now also...along with the fact that being on Cambridge diet does give you such great looking skin overall:D :D :D

Definately the best ever for the skin as you are getting all your vitamins etc.

Size 14 seems a long way off from here as yet, never mind a size 12! Again you seem to have more choice and variety in clothes when you are that size.

Would have to agree that that losing weight for the summer is the best as you feel more comfortable and don't have to shower so often to cool down, ketosis is great on a hot day:)

Looking forward to seeing some of the holiday snaps when you get back from holidays...well done again and have a wonderful time and it is great to see you maintaining the weight off. A year come November!!! where does the time fly to? Regards to hubby he has done exceptional as well:)

Love Mini xxx