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50+ Reasons To Lose Weight - For Those Low Moments

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Every time i feel like Im struggling I come back and read through this, it really helps to have all the reasons you want to lose weight written down to look at.
I have one or two
1. To prove my mother wrong, i can do something and stick with it.
2. To feel better about myself and stop trying to blend into the background.
3. To wear what I want without worrying how fat I look.
4. To show my friend who has also lost weight that i can do it and i can look as good as her.
5. So i can start taking my kids swimming again.
6. So I can make my husband proud.
7. To wear a stunning dress when we renew our vow and feel amazing again.

I have more but will write them later.
Jemma xx
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• To feel free again, have no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to weight (Hot air balloons, jumping from a plane, rides).
• To fit in with my age group physically (not letting my weight bring me to a halt)
• For my bum not to hang out of open sided of chairs when I sit down!
• To be able to buy wellies, boots and for them to actually get around my calfs.
• To feel excited about nights out and what I'm wearing
• To feel Pretty again
• Being able to walk into any shop to buy clothes (and not have to travel 30 miles to get to a plus sized one that sells clothes I don't like)
• To put on my shoes/socks with ease
• The experience of lending clothes to friends and likewise borrowing them too
• To fit into the same SCRUBS as everyone else at work and not a different brand/tone of colour.
• To fit in GENERALLY
• To sleep comfortably and not feel suffocated/squashed by my own body

Think there is a good handful there.
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Slightly off-topic for this thread but one thing I really hope NOT to be when I am at goal is to be one of those people who thinks it's ok to mock other overweight/obese people. So important to remember we were once at that stage and the difficulties we faced.


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Thank you!


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This is a fantastic post... I only on day twp and have read this a few times this evening sort of like a mantra! As I have been struggling
The points are so true ! I want to lose weight to prove everyone wrong. To make sure my little boy sees a healthy happy mummy and to feel like whem I talk to people they respect what I say as sometimes I feel that because ofy weight I arent taken seriously x


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This is tearing me up! I could have written most of these posts! I'll be sticking around here often


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My life is depressing cause of my weight Y_Y.


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To look elegant and poised.
To look enigmatic rather than vague.
To wear heels.
To wear tights without making chips out of my inner thighs (ouch)
To feel worthy of a 'second glance' for the right reasons
To be able to respond to a 'second glance' with a flirty look
Not to see that crouched over fat woman when I pass a mirror or shop window.
To be able to brush my hair and know that the rest of me is also looking good
Not to waddle when I walk
To wear a bracelet and for it to look pretty rather than just an ornate pulse taking bit of kit.
Thats just a few
Lynne x
"Ornate Pulse Taking Bit Of Kit"? Oh lord, I howled with laughter! I can soooo relate to ALL of this with one addition (only up to page 4, so maybe somebody already added this):

To be confident enough to date and find a partner after three years.

Actually, to feel sexy enough to stop avoiding that gorgeous fit man that wants to be with me!

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Love this thread, just want to add a couple of my own.

  • To know that the reason I haven't met Mr. Right yet isn't because I'm fat, it's because I'm picky.
  • To not feel like my weight is to blame for whatever illness takes me to the doctors (am sure this one is all in my head but there we are).
To the first, so true! I'm 23 and have never had a boyfriend. My friends try to talk to me like I am capable of having a boyfriend, but no one has ever ever shown an interest in me. And it makes me lonely. But this will change soon

To the second, I went to the doctor last year with shingles, I was in so much pain, and the doctor refused to treat me for it, because she said I was so fat it must be a pinched nerve. Being in pain made me cranky, and thus able to advocate for myself, so she started me on the treatment, and I forced her to do the shingles blood test, and guess who was right, me! But that experience stays with me. It just goes to show that even health care professions can be bigots when it comes to fattism. That being said, the GP that signed off on my Cambridge plan was lovely, and I wasn't even ashamed of my starting weight because she was so supportive that I was doing something to change it. I go back in a week and I can't wait to show her my weight loss!


I'm a believer!
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A lot of these summed up how I feel too, I am so uncomfortable in my own skin, I put on this confident, bubbly woman persona, but really i'm dying inside, I always feel like I'm being judged. A girl at work yesterday said she could tell I'd lost weight, I said thanks, but all I could think is how did she think I looked a few weeks ago?, that I was obviously fat...it made me sad when I should be happy. I know people will see my stats and think that because I only have a couple of stone to lose I don't have the same insecurities as everyone else, I was thin once and now i'm fat and it makes me sad. I have never looked down on overweight people, even when I was a size 6, but I know people do and I have always struggled to keep my weight in check and I know its the hardest thing to do :-(
Ill add;
Go to a party and not be the biggest there.
Not to be too shy to dance because of the above.
Go to a theme park and know you are going to fit on all the rides.
Do a whole list of experiences that weight/fat has restricted you from doing.
Not to be invisible.
The theme park thing is what has prompted me to start loosing weight!! 1st consultation today and minimum 10 stone to loose.
I would add:
Increase self esteem
Loose the fear of talking to the women/man you like for fear of rejection because of your weight

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to go on holiday and feel happy with the way I look rather than feeling self conscious.

For everytime I said if I started at such and such a date, I'd be here now!


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God, isn't it reassuring to know we all feel the same!
I can relate to almost everything here, it's actually quite humbling to know you're not alone when all around you don't understand your pain at stupid little things.
I'll be poping back to this one a lot!! Xx


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liked it

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