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How to start jogging

Hello all
I have never been a keen exerciser :rolleyes: and latterly injured my back which stopped me even doing the odds and sods that I did. I walk the dog now and that is my main exercise, plus I walk all day long at work.
I want to up it a little and wondered if those of you in the know, or who have recently started yourselves to jog, can advise me how to go about it? I thought of finding an empty field so nobody would see me wobble everywhere, but seriously, how do I start?
thank you in advance
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Les Mills Fitness Freak
ive started but i jog on the treadmill in the gym. if i want to run outside i need music to keep me going, without music to listen to i cant do it
I just started jogging myself.. although on the spot in the confines of my home on my wii... is that an option for you?
Hi Heather - no it isn't an option unfortunately, I don't have a wii but am trying to convince myself I am not missing out due to it creating a huge row between my hubbie and me!! :rolleyes:

However I did open last weeks Sunday magazine this afternoon when I got in from work which amazingly has a feature on getting started!! First week - 10 minute sessions - walk 3 mins, jog 2 and repeat ..... so I am going to cut it out and try that!!

Good luck! Let me know how you get on
ive started but i jog on the treadmill in the gym. if i want to run outside i need music to keep me going, without music to listen to i cant do it
Hi Gina
I'd be dreadfully embarassed at the gym, wobbling next to all those fit young things!! :sigh:

Your achievements are truly inspirational tho, I read some of the threads regarding fitness DVDs earlier whilst in work and am going to try a few of those I think too to see if it helps to shape me up a little (well a lot really!! :D )

Good luck


Les Mills Fitness Freak
i was a bit embarrased at first, running on the treadmill... but only becuase im paranoid that people will notice that my leg bones arnt straight like normal!
the way i thnik, there may be wobbly bits but it goes to show that your doing something about it. some people just let the weight pile on and just learn to live with it, and do nothing to control it

the achievements wernt easy at all, wish it was easy but took alot of hard work! x

on the treadmill i can only go for about 5 minutes running on it. i have the height of it set to 15, and a speed of 12km... so uphill and a speedy run! good way to get my heart rate up, just 5 minutes of that burns alot of calories, after that 5 mins i walk on it at the same height, but at 7km
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Do you have iPhone? Couch to 5k has really good reveiws.
Hi Karen
No I don't have an iphone - I may try to google that later. Thank you.

Has anyone any advice re good (but not overtly expensive) trainers........I have wide feet too!
hi regarding looking for trainers i got some good ones from sports direct.they have gel cushioning so when you move in them it feels all bouncy.they were £39.99.
in regards to the jogging i started by walking for an hour a day but as quick as i could. then after about a week while i was walking i would jog for about 30 seconds here and there. i have only been doing it for a couple of weeks but i hope to build the jogging up longer and walking shorter.
good luck hope it works for you.
i forgot to say earlier that i listen to music while im walking/jogging. it makes the time go quicker and if i listen to fast music i go quicker too.


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Defo couldn't recommend couch to 5k enough!

And you don't have to pay for a gym subscription - running is free on the roads :)

I used go hate exercise then started couch to 5k and now I'm just over 4weeks away from running my first half marathon!

And nobody judges you when exercising - as much as you think they might. If anything they are praising you and thinking how they wish they could be brave and do something about it :) x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Oh forgot to mention if you search for 'couch to 5k mp3' on google you can get the free downloads. There are 9of them one for each week :) x

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