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How will I know Im in ketosis?


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You'll have smelly breath, a furry tongue and your hunger pangs will be subsiding.
Trust me, you will know. It feels like a hamster has moved into your mouth! x


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Thanks a million! I was worrying I had missed it - LOL!. Does this awful lethargic and cranky feeling go too?? please tell me it does!
Ketosis for me was just at the end of the carb withdrawal.

I also noticed a slight metallic taste in my mouth.

Some people hit it after 3 or 4 days, it was day 5 for me. Don't stress it.


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Thanks electricsheep. Im completely miserable if Im honest, Im hoping that this isnt "it" until I finish LT - that ketosis might make me feel a little bit better.
once you hit ketosis it all gets better! You still have off days but it is so much easier.x


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Thank you so much Caroline!!! dont think you would believe how much I needed to hear that!


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Alspo you will feel cold......when i was on LT I would be sat with gloves on wrapped up in a blanket......that is also another sign of ketosis


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Thank you sonkie. I thought I would be "there" by now, if Im honest. Im definately not - I dont have any of these symptoms. It wasnt like I was eating loads either - I was on ww for a couple of months up to starting so wasnt exactly on carb overload. Am probably sounding dramatic, but am really dispairing - feeling really awful.

day 5 almost over and still no ketosis.. I have stuck to this 100% and am drinking 4 litres of water, without fail, every day.

Anyone have any idea when I can expect it?


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It will come.......when you are there its great.......my house was like a shiny pin......had so much energy I cleaned all the cupboards out ....was brilliant, even started walking.......lol


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Hiya hun, so glad your on day 5 already. Your doing brill and dont worry, when i do these types of diet it usually takes me about 6 solid days to get into ketosis. The others are right too, once your there you will know. The taste and smell of your breath will be a dead give away for a start. Toothpaste will be your best friend!
Hi all

I am not sure about Ketosis. I am on week 3 so must be in it!!!

I have a very dry mouth in the mornings - almost as if I have a few drinks the night before. i drink 4 litres of water each day so its not dehydration so must be ketosis. My tongue is a green colour all the time - I am forever cleaning it. I assume I have the bad breath as ye all talk about it but how am I supposed to know. I ask my hubby and he must be too kind to tell me as he always says no!!! I must have bad breath though so am obsessed with teeth and tongue cleaning and those listerine strips. The furry feeling in my mouth I cant say I have.

So after all that I assume I am in ketosis.

I agree - this diet definitely gets easier after the first week. I hope there are no surprises around the corner for me!!!

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