how will you do CD at christmas?


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just wondering how you are all going to do this at christmas?
are you having a few days off?
My CDC has recommended that even though im only on day 2 of SS that i come of for 5 days around xmas week, will i put some weight back on if i do this?
how are you doing it?
thank you :)
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I did cd over xmas last year .I did a add a meal week for xmas so I could sit with my family and enjoy the meal.I bought my self a small plate bit bigger than a saucer had chicken and bit veg .I think it is personal choice wether to come off CD for xmas but reading the threads of others who have come off for a day or few they seem to struggle and many dont get back on the wagon .There will be many other xmas days but this may be your time to suceed and lose the weight .
You need to decide what is best for you all the best hun this diet does work


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Hi Vamp :)

Well, i am going to stick to the diet. But i will do SS+ on xmas day and boxing day. That way i can have some turkey and veg.

I would be careful about coming off completely as some people never get back on or do but find it much more difficult than the 1st time. A friend of mine did Light Life (similar thing) and most of his group had a few days off at xmas and NEVER got back on. He kept to the diet and he went from 27 and 1/2 Stone down to about 12 stone within a year.

At the end of the day it is your decision but do what YOU want. What YOU feel comfortable with. Could you go through what you are now again but worse? IT can be tough enough the 1st time round.

The way i see it. This diet works...if you stick to it. What if you couldnt get back on it? is it worth it for a couple of days over xmas....

And yes, you will put some weight back on. Mostly water and glycogen but yes it will come back.

Good luck in your decision.


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I'm coming off for a couple of days, I know I can get back into the diet easily so I decided that planning to come off will make me feel better when I eat, than trying to stay on plan and then cheating.


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I'm going to be sticking to the diet, should be ss+ or add a meal by then but will only have meat and veg, there is no way I'm going to let Christmas spoil the diet, I'd rather be slim than eat fattening foods.


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im going to ss all the way through. this is only one christmas out of many im gonna have and i dont mind sacrificing it if the rest of them i'l feel happy and healthy. i came off cd on the 15th of June 08 and it has taken me until this week to get back on the wagon and there is no way im sacrificing it. luckily i find it quite easy to sit and not eat or be bothered while others have dinner, its when im in alone and bored that i get most tempted!! its up to urself really! whatever u feel is best but i know that deep down for me doing anything but ss is a no no!!



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With great difficulty! But I will stick to SS+. Focus, focus, focus!


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I'll be having christmas eve, christmas day, boxing day, nye & nyday. I'll be on it between chrimbo & NY & back on it 2nd jan.

I've had a few days off while doing CD & know I can easily get back onto it. I've seen others who've had a day off that has turned into 3 months!

As a pp said, it is totally down to personal preference. You can only do what is right for you.

Hats off to those who abstain over the hristmas period. I couldn't do it, even if I wanted too!


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I have just started CD today and also plan to go through Christmas on SS. Did lighter life before and have put all weight back on so hoping to stick to it this time - try and keep each other going really want to lose the weight this time !!!!


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hey change35 i will defo try and keep u going! we will get through it together! its only a few weeks and then we will be through it and much lighter than now!
good luck and keep me posted on how ur doing!!


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Hi everyone :)

If I remember rightly (dust off the brain there are some excellent post/tips from Icemoose about Xmas and being on CD from a couple of years ago.

I will see if I can track them down and post a link or ask Mike to post his ideas,



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oh that would be great Lacey! i think i want to SS it through xmas, but we are having dinner on boxing day with all the family so will be really hard if i SS but as im only on day 3 ill see how i feel more towards xmas.

Will b slim

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I've thought about christmas long and hard about sticking to CD or having a few days off. During previous christmases I've had a few days off that have turned into more than a few pounds on and this year I'll be sticking to CD throughout.

This is an individual choice but personally I know that I can't have a few days off, I admire people who can and then get back on it.

Good luck whatever you decide!