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How would you work round this??


Mummy of 2!
S: 14st0lb C: 10st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 3st2lb(22.45%)
Hi everyone, ill try and keep this short and making sense :eek:

I am on SS at the moment, and will be until my next CDC meeting on the 13th.

I am off on my holiday on 6th June for a week and i am not going to diet whilst away, especially as i am going all inclusive ;) so i dont drink alcohol anyway, and will just make good food choices 90% of the time lots of meat & salad etc but i am certainly not going to fret.

Anyway, prior to that i have my daughters 1st birthday to celebrate. So as its 19th, a Tuesday, we are going to the harvester for a meal. Then on the friday the 22nd my Inlaws are arriving to stay and will probably get a takeaway, then the following day Sat 23rd we are having a family get together BBQ for the 1st Birthday party, the day after Sun 24th we have a christening to go to and finally the Mon 25th its my mum & aunts birthday so there will be another meal get together.

All in one week:rolleyes:

My CDC has previously advised me to go up the steps until 1000cal for my holiday to minimise the chance of a biggy gain on hols. I havent had a chance to discuss this week with her yet though. there is still 2 clear weeks between my busy week and holiday though and obviously i want to shed as much as i can before holiday - but i also dont want to miss out

So i dont know whether so have those meals make low carb choices no buns with my BBQ etc and not worry, or have a week off completely, or do 1000/1200 the busy week then 2 weeks of 810 before hols?

what would you do??
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is going to do this!
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To be honest, you need to keep your end target in mind. There will always be BBQ's, weddings, christenings and parties to go to, and if you always use them as an excuse to eat unhealthily, the weight will pile back on as it did before. You need to use this time to be able to go along to these events, and make the right food choices, and not give in to temptation.
Do you need the takeaways or the food off the BBQ? No, because CD is giving you all the nutrition you need for each day. I don't think you should take the week off at all, because I think you'll regret it, and you will gain weight that you will want to end up losing again.

I'm sorry if this sounds mean, it's just I think it's what I'd like someone to say to me, if I was asking this. Just remember why you did this in the first place, and how you want to look in Ibiza. So what I'd say is, don't have the week off, and stick to the plan of building up towards 1000 cal for your holiday. I think if you can get through what will be a tough week with all that temptation around you, you will be much stronger on your holiday.

Either way, it is your choice. Have a lovely week and a lovely holiday :)


Mummy of 2!
S: 14st0lb C: 10st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 3st2lb(22.45%)
i totally hear what you are saying about not needing the food, you are so right. but at some point i am going to be going back to eating again and things like this will crop up and i cant avoid them forever. its not that i want to pig out and i will make healthy choices..

i didnt mention is that i have already lost 2st, more than i expected to at this point. gone from a size 18 to a 14 which is so exciting considering i was a size 12 before my baby and was quite happy then. tbh, i would be happy going on holiday the weight i am now.

guess i answered my own question:rolleyes::)


likes posting.
If it was me i would eat & make healthy choices, its good for the future.Just dont be dissapointed if you gain get straight back to ss.At the end of the day these events dont happen again you only live once.Good luck with whatever you chose to do.


WILL be Slim!
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personally, i would be having chicken and salads where possible and sticking to the 'good choices'!
You have come too far to stop now! This is typical of what will happen when we're all 'back to normal'.....but its how you change your eating habits....
So good choices, and enjoy what you eat but with an acceptance that it will have an effect on the old scales! hth hun xx
I'd stick to protein as much as possible to minimise the damage. You are right - some events will never come around again and if food is part of it then you don't want to miss out. Better that then resenting the diet!!

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