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How you look after weight loss!

Hi all! I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced or is experiencing the same as me? I have lost 3 stone 9lbs so far (soo pleased but have a long way to go) and everyone has been commenting on how different I look which is a real boost.

But I know it sounds silly, but I can't see it. I see the numbers going down on the scales, and my clothes size is getting smaller and yet, when I look in the mirror I don't see it?! I think I look the same and it's starting to bother me.

I just thought I'd ask if someone else feels/felt the same?

Thanks xx
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Hi Angel, congratulations on your weight loss so far, I'm nearly at 3 stone and everyone keeps telling me how amazing I look etc but most days I still see myself as the same person who joined SW last year.. I see the imperfections, the back fat eek etc but then somedays I'm like wow look how far you've come, these are the days I like to try on clothes that are too big for me and it gives me a boost.

I'm not far from goal but think it takes a good while for us to change our mindset, we've lived with the ourselves for so long that we need to accept and embrace the changes, however small :)
Yep I feel like that! My mum reached target mid last year and she still doesn't feel like shes lost any weight! The only way either of us notice is via pictures! So take them at least monthly if not weekly! You'll see a change then! :D


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One lady in my group who had lost 10 stone, said it took her over a year after target to believe it was true. She would look in the mirror but not see it, obviously see she was smaller but still see problems. She then would walk past shop windows and go "whos is that reflection?" kind of thing and it started to sink in!

It does take a while to believe it but its a gradual process and one day it will suddenly click and your think - I cant look this good!! lol x


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I think you get used to the weight that you are. I feel fat - OK I'm not slim at 11 stone but I feel mega fat yet I have lost 2 stones 3lb's so far..................

Would love to get to about 10.3 eventually but know that when I am there I will probably still feel fat because I will get used to being at that weight - does that make any sense whatsoever?

Well done to everyone for losing so much weight.
It's normal! I lost over 10 stone a few years back and was a skinny size 10, but I can clearly remember standing in the queue for a ride at Alton Towers worrying that I was going to be humiliated when I couldn't fit into the ride seat... The body may have changed, but the brain hadn't caught up.


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it can take a while for the brain to catch up with reality. I still find it hard now when out and about trying to squeeze through gaps in crowds that i can easily do but saying "excuse me" thinking i take up the kind of space I used to. and i have those shop window/mirror moments too.


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Well done on your weight loss! I think it really does take a whole for the brain to catch up like a previous poster has said. I naturally still wanna moan theres nothing in a size 20, when actually I am now a 10/12, I look in the mirror and see no difference in myself, but I catch glimpses of myself in say shop windows or mirrors and nearily have to double take, until I realise its me! I also feel different - more boney and sometimes catch myself on tables and things when I am walking past and wonder what it is and then realise its bone!

We are our own worst enemies and we will always see our own imperfections and I don't think that will change, think we just need to accept our imperfections and realise that noone is perfect.

Helen xxx
I've been at target for a year and I often pick up my clothes and think that they can't possibly fit me because they are so small. I think they must have shrunk in the wash or something so try them on and I'm amazed that they fit.

I don't trust my own perception of myself and keep telling myself that I'm not fat anymore, even though I secretly believe that I am. As it happens, I look in the mirror and know that I'm slim, but my mind is taking ages to catch up.
I must admit I felt similar - then all of a sudden it just seemed to happen!

I caught my reflection when I was travelling down the escalator, and for the first time thought wow! - it's really happening!

First 3 stone didn't do this, next 2 have!

Just hope i don't rest on my laurels now as the last bit will be the most difficult!
Well done Minimus, just seen your NSV. :)

In response to the OP, I am starting to see a HUGE difference, but it takes time, your brain needs time to catch up, especially if, like me, you've been big for a very long time. However, it will catch up! :)
Thank you for this post, people tell me how much better I look and I can't see it and in photos I can't see it either! I know I'm in smaller clothes and I too look at them and say no way that will fit me. Looks like we're all in the same boat. Wonder if that's why some fail to maintain xx
sometimes I wonder if I have that body dysmorphia problem, I know I am slim as I was a size 18 when I started and am now a size 10 but I still have times when I worry that I look fat & that other people are judging me on my size, I have loads of people telling me how tiny I am but still I don't see it, I got to target in August 2009 and while I was flying high at hitting target for a while I still always think I could lose a bit more (even though I know I shouldn't), I think we spend so many years with such low self esteem that your brain will takes ages to re-progamme itself to the point that we see what everyone else sees. I still hate my upper arms & my thighs & try not to show them off. I also still see my double chin in every photograph, maybe one day I will stop seeing myself in the negative & start seeing myself in a more positive way.
Well done Minimus, just seen your NSV. :)

In response to the OP, I am starting to see a HUGE difference, but it takes time, your brain needs time to catch up, especially if, like me, you've been big for a very long time. However, it will catch up! :)
PMSL @ Minimus - hey, Shrimpster - if you get to target I'll have to call you mollusc as smaller than shrimp lol.
I don't see it but then again you see yourself every day and the changes are gradual to you so you don't realise it..

me then...

and me a few weeks ago...

I don't see any difference but others do..
F'n heck Jack, you are looking tonnes slimmer!

Minimus, it won't be long... it better not be!!! (I hope there's no more random 2.5lbs gains) I think I'm heading towards Daphnia size, LOL! :)

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Hi hun...I know exactly how you feel. At the age of 17 I lost 7 stones 4lb in the space of 5 months after starting thyroxine medication for an under active thyroid condition going from a dress size 22/24 to a 10/12 and it took me a few years to accept it (I actually cried because the clothes at evans were too big for me!). All I'm gonna say is as long as you are healthy and are happy losing weight for yourself and it's doing you good then embrace it it took me a while but I couldn't imagine ever being as big as I was back then...xx

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