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Howl....sob....beat myself with a short stick


Rebel without a calorie
Today was a particularly challenging day. Probs work wise blah blah blah. On my way home I realised I was out of ketosis from add a meal week despite only having protein and veg :(
Went to get petrol and some stuff for dinner and bought wine cos I was in such a strop. Cooked dinner for others but the hunger for myself disappeared. So I drank the wine without eating and am about to drink some more cos now I've started .......... :(
So the position I'm in is having blown it completely due to the alcohol (hey, no carbs lol) and having only had 2 food packs and no evening meal.
Priya hun, if you're reading this, this is what you call blowing it! Big time!!
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Grumpy Old Git
Mark one up for the Blue Team and -1 for the Pink team....:p

Life is to short to beat yourself up over it, might get run over by a bus tomorrow!

Start afresh tomorrow and this little slip will soon be forgotton....:)
awww huniii.....stop now while you can....dayumm tho i know exactly how you are feeling hun..trust me on this....and i kinda miss alcohol lol not had any in time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! feels like agesss lool think the last time i had alcohol was when my exams finished..:s...and even then coz i was on cd i had to drink within limit :(...ahh dint even get legless lol tho a tad bit tipsyy hehehe...i ad chi 2dai :$...:( if you read my diary hun....you b kk like you sed no carbs at least in the wine..drink lots of water to flush it outa your system hun...


reaching my goal
we all have a day when we give into temptation , your not alone .like mike said it will all be forgotten get up and brush yourself down , You have done so well already x
Yep Mike 1 down many more to go. I will not cheat, nice to have another competitive man on here.
Dietkitty, please drink the whole thing and stay on this forum, I seriously want see what you are like when a sloshed, could be fun everyone.
No dammit put the bottle down. Mike it quite correct, no need to beat yourself up about it. Now put the bottle down and lets all talk.


Rebel without a calorie
4 weeks of 100% and I've blown it at the first major hurdle! I'm so angry with myself but now at the stage where I'm gonna carry on regardless. Grrrrr.
I have decided that I will go back to total a day early. Cant see the benefits of add a meal week as my hair has already started to fall out and was constipated for 6 days anyway! I thought maybe the reason was to avoid these things but now feel it's just to avoid medical supervision that is required to do more.
Still really annoyed with myself tho! I'm stronger than this. I've faced a lot of challenges this year, and I mean life or death situations, about as serious as you can get, but always had food or drink to ease the pain. Still sobbing inside :(
aww hun you are right you have dun brilliantly on this diet soo far...and you are strong and i believe that tooo...you can do this hun and we are all here...luvyaa
Dietkitty you are only human and these thingas happen, the important thing is, and you know this, is that you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again. You already sound mad as hell that bthis has happened and that is a very good thing becuase ( see what I did) it allows you to focus more.


is slowly shrinking
one blip hun, don;'t beat yrself up, i had blip also last week, but hey i bounced back, lifes a sh** sometimes it how u deal with it that counts. get it out of your system and start a fresh tomorrow. no doubt it will be either one of us another day.
You have done so well don't beat yourself up about one little slip up. Think of all the times you have resisted temptation!! 100% for 4 weeks is something to be very proud of. I only hope i can do so well. Tomorrow is a new day. x

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Oi lady... one day... one tiny number.. 1 see how small it is..
1 out of 30 .. Now I adore you .. but


We are mere mortals.. like you said, sometimes things go on that can test us, pull us in all directions..letting one thing slip in order to hold strong against another, does not make us weak it means we are having to be to strong for to long in some things.

You have done nothing wrong, no one will judge you other than yourself, and you should not be doing so. so harshly.
Put that stick down Dietkitty!! The rest of the lovely group have given you the best advise....tis just a teeny tiny ickle blip in a much much bigger picture. It will only undo all your good work if *you* let it knock you off track. So, get that bottle in the recycling, glug a big glass of water, offsky to bed and get up in the morning and enjoy your shake ;)


Are We There Yet?
I have not read all the other posts. I do think you should not beat yourself up. But I also want to say drinking while in ketosis is very dangerous. There are a few threads on the forum about it. So please be careful. For the cals, do ya worst lol....but for your well being, please be careful chick xxx

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I think she was out of ketosis hun, thats why she was tempted by the wine as felt bad :( It was her add a meal week , so I think she was trying to stay within ketosis limits. But slipped just outside of them


Are We There Yet?
I think she 'felt' she was out of ketosis. In another forum there was a man on a refeed week who drank and still had the effect of drinking in ketosis. So, if she was having her packs and a low carb meal, she would still be in ketosis, even if feeling she wasn't. I hope that makes sense x
Dietkitty, Dietkitty, Dietkitty I hope all is well this morning and the head is not to sore. Today is the beginning of a new day, dust yourself off, have a shake, smile and get ready for a fabulous day. Yesterday is history and all is forgiven and forgotten.


Are We There Yet?
Well said Mark :) we will all have blips at some point. Of course we plan not to. But life happens x


Rebel without a calorie
Good morning and thank you all my lovelies.
I fell asleep in the chair last night! I hadn't slept properly for 3 nights after a nasty experience of being stuck on a dual carriageway very late on Monday night in pitch black darkness whilst the police tried to talk down a chap who was trying to jump off a bridge. This brought back all the feelings from the start of this year when someone very close attempted it a number of times.
Surprisingly I'm absolutely fine this morning. I've always had a huge tolerance for booze but I certainly don't recommend drinking on this diet. I was drunk quickly and then asleep. It has made me realise that when my friend comes tomorrow I will not be drinking like that! We only get together a couple of times a yer and I don't want to ruin it.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Good morning lovely miss purr xx


Are We There Yet?
Kitty, what a horrid experience (((hugs))) I hope you are ok!

Glad you survived last night chick xxx lol

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