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Huge Binge!

Hi all:wave_cry:, I wasn't feeling very well yesterday and for the first time on SW had a binge. Ate FIVE fibre plus bars, half a pint of skimmed milk to wash them down and a huge bowl of sugary cereal, seconds of my dinner (veg chilli and rice) even though the first portion was huge:sigh:. Feeling gutted about it now - if I'm 100% now till thursday (WI day) do you think I'll be able to pull it back? HELP PLEASE!!!!:break_diet:
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If you get straight back to it, you'll be fine by WI - you can only do your best and these things happen.

I hope you're feeling better today x
Thankyou Eternity - feeling much better today ta. Just full of remorse...
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With all those high fibre bars you might find you feel a little unwell today too, that is a lot of fibre but they sure are delicous.

Drink plenty of water, be kind to yourself and try and do some body magic. if you feel motivated enough to do it and not fel deprived do a few days of success express or base each meal around a speed food.

Thanks Teresa. I've already been feeling some of the...erm...'therapeutic' effects of the fibre. Thank gawd I live on my own!
What's worse is that I need to shift 1.5lbs to break into the 11st category. Sooo want to do it at next WI. I have STS for two weeks now. Don't know what on earth got into me yesterday. I'm gonna make that target if it kills me - which it might!
You know if you have been staying the same and then felt the need to binge perhaps you have been depriving your body a bit so although you have binged it MAY kick start something again in you...you never know and no matter what 'what's done is done' you can only worry about the day you are on so do your best and if you STS or have a wee gain accept that is life and it will not be the same the next week ;) Goodluck hun xx
Thanks Theresa - you're a star!
You're not the only one to have a binge now and again {remember that} i'm sure at some point we've all probably done it.. I did yesterday with 4 packets of seabrooks :( but I know to draw the line under yesterday and start anew today, I have speed soup in my fridge which should help me, lol.
Theresa is spot on, I think, and there are FAR worse things you could have binged on. Realistically what you actually consumed in calorie terms isn't even enough to put half a lb on, so as long as you go straight back on plan today and keep your syns to a minimum till weigh in you'll be absolutely fine. I am a big fan of the very occasional shake up day, I find that if I am sticking despite being good, a one day blow out works a charm for restarting losses.

Don't beat yourself up, you have more than likely done yourself some good!
You'll be fiiiiiiiine :D And if you're not, so what?! You will have taught yourself a life-long lesson :)

I'll tell you something I did last week... ate half a tin of baked beans when I was a bit peckish one night :p I'm a firm believer in beans helping! Lots of walking, lots of water, a (very-much anticipated) emptying of the bowels, and a lovely 2.5lbs loss :D

Give it a go :) xxx
Hello - you're definitely not alone in the cereal binge (I'm am the worlds worst, or should that be best). I'm glad you are feeling better today, if you are back on plan I'm sure your weigh in will be fine :) Thats the part I find tricky is getting back on plan properly after a binge, so you're doing great to be feeling better about it today. Hope you have a good weekend x
Thankyou Shell, MLM, 10st10 and Gobolino. Yes, I'm being extra good today so hope it shakes things up enough to create a loss this week. Going to eliminate syns for the rest of the week - I figure I ate them all yesterday. Thankyou for taking the time to reply, ZXXX

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