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Hunger Strikes!


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Ok guys so just a tad hungry so i thought i'd come on here to distract myself only been on SF for four days i'm guessing it's natural to feel hungry by now i'm fine through out the day it's the nights that get me because i'm so used to having late luch and then naughty nibbles lol....but i'm still feeling positive about the whole diet which is good i need my bikini body by october!
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Distraction is the key! I get the nibbles late at night too. Could you perhaps save a few calories for this time? Have a bath, read a book. Do you have a nintendo ds? As you said, come on here. Use the web to learn japanese, play with virtual bubble wrap! Have an early night, lie on your back and pat your tummy - telling it to stop complaining!!! Big fan of early nights me, have to be first in our bed or I can't get comfortable.



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S: 12st12lb C: 9st9lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 3st3lb(25%)
Haha Yeah i have a nintendo DS and a Wii which i do play on alot.....thats where were different you see i never go to bed early, which i think is partly down to the boyfriend staying up on the laptop tap tap tappin away all night! Grrr but i must try it cos now i'm finding it even harder to get to sleep because i'm so hungry so i try and drink as much water as i can before bed to stop it it works for about an hour....i thought you weren't supposed to eat after 8 o'clock? i don't think it says that on slimfast tho, so is it ok to? x


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Hi Bubbles,
Yep those evening hunger pangs are bad, especially if you're one of those people (like me!) that used to sit in front of the TV munching away on something naughty! I usually save one of my snacks for the evening, and will have say a bag of walkers baked to snack on with a can of diet coke (I know that's not really healthy, but something sweet tasting takes those cravings away!). Sometimes if I really feel the munchies coming on, I'll have a bowl of cornflakes or special K with no milk (which fit in with your snack as under 100 cals), then just munch on these one at a time like eating crisp! They take a while to eat and really fill you up too!

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