Hungry again


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You shouldn't feel real hunger but it could be psychological hunger. Try filling up on water and try to keep occupied, even if its walking around the shops looking at clothes you will soon be able to buy. That helped me. Also if you are computer literate, you could keep a chart on excel. Its wonderful to see the line going down so quickly! Good luck and keep focussed.


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Hi Jodie

Similar thing happened to me, I found week one easy and didn't feel hungry but week 2 killed me!!!!! Was hungry permanently and I swear it was real.. my stomach never stopped rumbling.. took every ounce of willpower not to cheat.. that was also the week I sought the internet for help and found minimins!

Even now I still have the odd day when my stomach rumbles and I feel hungry, not a clue what sets it off, CDC says it isn't possible when in Ketosis, and I have never come out of Ketosis. As cheekymare says, keep yourself occupied.. the feeling does go away if your mind is busy... Going out for a coffee helped me whenever I was feeling peckish!

good luck