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Hungry Day - HELP!

:( Its a very hungry day for me today. I have been finding SF fine and this is my second week but today is HARD! I dont think it helps when work is so quiet and all I want to do is eat. I have had my snacks and now I have to wait til dinner and dont get home til gone 7pm! Ughhh, what can I do?! HELP!!
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drink!!!!! like your life depends on it! water, s/f squash ( hot or cold)

OR, and i find this always 'takes the edge off' for me....oxo cubes! the chicken ones tastle like chicken soup and the beef ones taste, well, like beef! lol..... I LOVE oxo for when im bored and think im hungry!!

hope this helps!
I have already had 2litres of water! Ive got the cups of Bovril so may have one of those but think I am going to try a diet coke first. This feeling is horrible! Lol.

Thanks for your help, I will get through this, I will get through today, I will not eat!! Lol.
honestly i swear by oxo and bovril, they really do stop the hunger pangs for me....or get some slim a soups if you need something witha bit more oomph.....if youare genuinlyhungry then you should eat something, if you know your just bored then dont you dare eat!!!! LOL!!!


Crawling to the finish!
Argh stick at it!! I'm exactly the same!! I had to do an experiment in uni today an had to eat party food etc and milkshake(not the healthy kind!!) so I had to skip my 2nd shake and snack! That was 11am.... I have to try and make it to 6pm. You can never drink too much water :0) xx
I know how you feel, some days i'm fine then others i'm soooo hungry I could eat a horse, i always have some mints, tic tacs or chewing gum on me that usually helps! only 2 cals per tic tac so not bad :) hope this helps. x


Crawling to the finish!
Hope you managed Laura! I'm
Just off to bed starving but another day under the belt :0) it's all worth it xx
I done it!! I managed not to put any food to my lips!! And I must of drove home in record time!! Lol, I even made my man a homemade curry but I did have the nicest dinner of cod mornay... yum!! Lets hope the hunger doesnt hit any of us today, I always find it harder over the weekend!

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