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Hi guys!
I'm on day 5 of LLT and I'm properly hungry!! According to the ketone sticks I bought I'm already in ketosis so I don't understand!
This is my second time on LLT and although I remember having cravings and being emotionally hungry last time I don't remember being physically hungry.
Any advice would be much appreciated!
Tanners xx
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Tough But Sexy X
I know you mentioned you have done LL before, but are you sure it's hunger pangs and not just thurst, boredom or emotionl hunger. Have you had agood quanity of water today and a couple of foodpacks, I try to space mine every 4 hours and drink a litre of water in between.

Do something to take your mind off it, focus on something else, the more you think you are hungry the more you will feel hunger. Have a nice bath or go out for a walk or something.

Sorry if this isnt much help to you, stay strong x
Any words if wisdom help, thank you.

I am really struggling with the water. Had about a litre today so far, and two packs. I'm at work so can't space then out as much as I would like.

I really hope it's just thirst, but it feels like proper hunger!!

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Hey Tanners...

I feel ya' pain hunny... :) We probably all do!

I am 14 weeks into the plan and even feel hungry myself too sometimes... and yes, it could be due to thirst, or emotional hunger, or just habit... but sometimes I swear I could eat a horse I'm so starved!! However, I have been 100% abstinent since I started, and hunger certainly isn't going to get the best of me... or you! :D

It's tough, this losing weight lark, as you no doubt know... ;) So, ok, maybe we feel hungry sometimes, but we also have power of choice, and our willpower, and our determination to succeed... and so at times like these, we need to call on those things to get us through...

Hey, if nothing tempted us, we never felt hungry, and this was as easy as anything... everyone would do it, and everyone would be skinny! :D

Hang in there, it does get better... promise! Your body will get more and more used to the little food it is getting, and your stomach will shrink, and you will definitely feel less hungry with time... (again, I'm sure you already know this as have done LL before etc, just reinforcing it, for your piece of mind!) ;)

And when it does sometimes raise it's ugly head, remind yourself why you're doing this, and take the hunger as a challenge! You can beat it... We all can!

Re the water... I struggle too... the water flavourings can help a lot, although they don't agree with me personally, so don't use them any more... they make my tummy very gurgly! Lol...

Or else, use more water to make your packs... I sometimes make 1/2 a pack at a time, and use 800mls of water! Makes them taste very weak, but do that 4 times, and really adds to my water intake for the day! And it's only 2 of my daily packs used up... The rest of the water I try and sip during the day... the water taken in this way is great for you too. It's called the Water Wheel effect... imagine you are are trying to keep a water wheel turning, by constantly adding a drip feed of water to it... see?

Anyway, sorry about the essay! ;) And hope some of that helps...

Stay strong, you may be hungry, but you're losing weight as we speak! So, you're winning! :D

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Thank you pinkie!!

Everything u say is 100% true! I got through my hunger by having a ciggarette, I know they are bad for me too but right now I need them!! Will kick that habit once I've lost the weight, which should b in the very near future!!

I know I'll feel a million times better on Tuesday night when I see the results at my first WI. Although the wii says I've not lost anything, I know that's not possible!

This forum has kept me going for the past few days, wish I'd found this place last time!!


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Aww, no worries Tanners... That's great if I was of some help! :D

Good luck with your WI on Tuesday... You'll definitely have lost! If you stick to the plan, and drink your water, it has to work! ;)

As for having a cigarette... hey, whatever helps! You can quit in a few months!... :)

Woo hoo! I'm not feeling hungry today! Decided to split one of my packs into two milkshakes, what a difference that makes!! And I'm saving my porridge (the best pack IMO) until lunch time so I have something to look forward to!

Still struggling with the water but I'm getting there!!

This site really is proving invaluable!! U guys r all amazing!


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Pack-splitting is the way to go!! Lol... :D



Is feeling the love!
Tanners, thank you so much for posting this!!! I am feeling exactly the same way today. I thought I would come on here for a bit of support and it's a real boost!

Pinkie, what a fab inspirational message! It did just the trick.

I'm on day 6 today and I am so hungry, but I think it may be my body saying ok you've not eaten for a few days enough now and go get something. So I am just going to ride through it and wait for my weigh in on Thursday.

Thank you girls!!! xx
Just keep going!! I had my first WI last night and have lost 7.6lb!! Who cares about hunger when u get results like that!!

The packs and water seem to take the hunger away. Still don't know if it's physical or emotional hunger!

Tanners Xx

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