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Husband lost job


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My husband and all his co-workers were spontaneously laid of on Friday. They all went to work and when they got there were told something was going down and two hours later got the official news.

It was so hard for him to get that job and now he has to get another. I've only just started a new job yesterday. Thank god, I got it.

But I'm feeling kinda low and all pity poor me. For the last year, one of us has always been out of work while the other was working. There were maybe a couple of weeks where jobs lapsed, and I feel like I'm losing sight of the end of the tunnel.

I'll try not to be pity poor me for long, but I just want to drink wine and curl up under the covers.

Thanks for listening!
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dont hun! stay strong for your diet and him. and hopefully somethin will turn up even better than what he had sooner rather than later. As ya said you've just got your new job, so hopefully you'll be okay whilst his luck changes x

irish molly

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That is such a bitter blow and I feel so so sorry for you. It is situations like this that trigger the overeating and drinking so try and stay strong and on TFR. Drink or food won't do anything to make things better but you losing the weight will be a boost for you in the long run.
As you say, at least you are earning and that is something to be thankful for.


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Thanks you guys! I'm drinking my sparkling water and having chicken soup. I'm watching period movies and going to call my mom. I don't really want to talk because I feel like I need to be positive, when I just want to cuddle in bed. The dear Hubbie is out with his co-workers for a commiseration drink. I could have gone, but said I was tired as I worked today and told him to go have fun (as much as they could) with everybody.

So, I'm being good, even if I want to be bad.
Aww Diva, you are being very brave huni well done , you will be so proud you didnt crack hope everythings gets better for you both soon xx


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So sorry to hear your news. I really hope something turns up soon for your Husband. I'm sure it will as you both sound like real tryers and things always work out for people that try hard. The best of luck to you both. xx
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ahh hun i hope you are feeling better. i totally know how you feel as this happened to my husband on 16th december 09 after 10 years with the company. luckily he got something else quite quickly and i hope your hubby does to. my prayers are for you today x x x


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Sorry to hear about your husband but your doing great!!! I kind of know how you feel because last week i had a big upset in my life and like that i thought that if i could just have a glass of wine and a chinese everything would be ok. But of course it wouldnt have changed anything only make me disapointed and fat. I ended up buying a wedding magazeine, watching big bro with my duvet and crying most of the night and feeling worried all the next day. It was really tough and i nearly broke the diet but now that its over im so glad that i didnt. I realise now that eating and drinking wasnt going to make things any better, that it was going to be hard no matter what i ate. Eating only would have made me feel worse in the long run. Your really brave and by doing this diet you are making life better for you and your husband in the long run. Things will all work out ok in the end. Stick at it. This way your learning to go though tough situations without turning to food.


Here we go again!
Sorry to hear your bad news but don't let it ruin all your hard work. My husband was laid off from 2 different jobs while on LT last year but I didn't let it ruin everything. Hope he gets another one soon, I'm sure he will.


Getting married in July!!
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hi Diva2,
just wondering how you got on?? have you managed to stick to it?? hope your feeling ok. xxx thinking of you.