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Husband says. . .


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Diva, if it was unhealthy hospitals wouldn't use it for their obesity management programmes. It is definitely drastic and shouldn't be viewed as a long term or permanent solution to all of our weight problems. Our pharmacists have all been trained and will never sanction anyone starting LT if they don't fall into the appropriate overweight category. Reassure your OH that LT is a consistent means of weight management using very low calorie meal replacements while fulfilling our daily vitamin and mineral requirements AND IT WORKS. More importantly it helps us feel better about ourselves in a short space of time and gives us breathing room to address our probable unhealthy relationships with food.

Or failing that get him to visit the LT site. Beware in case his comments are his way of showing he's worried you'll change as you shrink. Some OH's worry that we'll shrink and then look round for something else to change and that it'll be them who gets replaced. Reassure him and he'll be fine.
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a lot of people are for some reason, i dont know why, i got to the stage where if any one asked me what i was doing to lose the wieght i just knew i was going to get disaproving looks and comments, but now the same people are congratulating me on sticking to it because they couldn't do a diet like this, they are amazed by my will power.

i think thats why people knock it so much, just cause they think its too hard. but its not!! its not easy by any means but the results speak for them selfs. i so glad i have done this diet i would recommend it to anyone serious about losing weight. you cant do it half asred tho! but when you see the weight comming off its just great. i am refeeding on sunday ( bit scared cause the shakes are so reliable you dont have to worry about can i have this? is this too much?) but im trying to teach myself about eating correctly. my eating habits have been outta control since for ever!:0) so its a fresh start i cant wait to try all the new healthy foods i didn't bother with before!

so good luck :0)


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Hun, Its like any diet, if you dont change your old habits when you go back eating then you will gain back the weight. Its the same with WW or SW or any of them. LT is fantastic for getting the weight off but you have to change your ways after. If you go back to eating junk food or whatever made you gain the weight then its only natural it will go back on.

If LT wasnt healthy way to lose weight then doctors would not be prescribing it.

Best of luck with it hun

Niamh xxx


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Hi Diva, I think this diet is dangerous if you are not prepared for it (for all the potential side effects, even the long term impact it can have on you, etc.) and if you are not going into it in order to stay slim forever. Slim forever meaning taking this as a complete and total weight loss and not a crash diet, whilst preparing yourself for the lifelong changes in eating habits once you lose the unwanted weight.

It's a tough diet but I personally take it as a kick start since otherwise I don't seem to be able to lose the weight I've put on over the past 5-6 years, although my diet (not portions though as I've come to realise!) is ultra healthy (vegetarian, no sugar, virtually fat free, no gluten, etc.). So basically once I lose the weight that I put on before I was diagnosed with celiac disease (only 6 months ago), which could potentially be the actual reason for my crazy weight gain, I intend to return back to my eating habits, naturally reduce the portion sizes. And whilst on the diet (I've only finished the 4th day) I will be watching its impact on my body & health like a hawk!!! I expect hunger pangs, feeling cold, tired, dizzy, have tummy ache, etc, but if I notice anything more unusual I'll immediately go to my GP.

I personally don't believe that just because the diet is endorsed by doctors it is a healthy diet. The reason why I think this is because there is not enough research done on whether ketosis is good for you or actually very damaging long term. The shakes are not natural, meaning whilst on diet you are actually putting chemicals into your body (& don't get me even started on sweeteners used in the shakes), which is really not great. Not eating fruit and vegetables can't be great either since no chemical mix can ever substitute nature. And lastly, as difficult it is for any body to carry on excess weight, similarly difficult it is for that excess weight to be lost so fast as you will lose it on lipotrim.

Now, in spite of all the negatives I have written I chose this diet specifically because it is done under some sort of a medical supervision, because it is a complete diet (means, no way of cheating - well, there are always ways but then a person is just kidding themselves), and because it seems to lead to a real results.

I think we could have a massive debate on whether it should be allowed, as it is here, or banned, as some countries have done with all the shop bought liquid diets, however, in my opinion the choice is really just based on whether you want to lead the life you have at the moment, or be slim and hopefully healthier again, and if you are not self confident and happy at the moment with who you are (as it is in my case) become more confident and happy once you lose the excess weight.

I would suggest - educate yourself, educate your husband, learn about the reasons why you want to go on a diet (I know this may sound simple but we all tend to have a deep rooted reasons for things we do), make sure that you know what it means to be slim (again?) diet wise and then go and make the decision. So far (and it's only been 4 days now) I am happy that I finally took action and after years of suffering I am now on my way to a new and hopefully a better life. Whether I succeed only time with tell, but I know as much as I could know what I got myself into and what it will mean once I lose the weight (small portions, constant weight checks, etc.).

All the best & I hope that you make the best decision for you.


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Thanks everybody. I think you've educated me too!!! Hubby is usually very supportive and he loves it when I'm healthy, but I've just been unable to commit a healthy diet lately. So, I decided to do this as a sort of meditational/fasting experience. I know it will be VERY hard. I love the taste of food. I don't eat because I'm just hungry.

And I will do my best to educate Husband, though I'm really not sure he'll be that pleased. I think he will be waiting to see me fail. He says just cut back some calories, but we've been trying that alot lately and both of us keep failing, so hence the decision to take food out of the equation.

Niamh, Neem, Mich, Lindlem, you guys are awesome. I can't wait to keep chatting with you.


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Send your husband on over to the maintaince section of this forum and have a mooch around some of the diaries. In particular Jan's - she has maintained the weight loss for over a year now and Mary is very close to it too.

Im not guna lie, its a hard feat but if you are determined to kick your old habits and keep the weight off you will :)


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Hi Diva 2.0 not been on here for a while I understand ur husbands concern mine was worried to when i started my journey back in june 2008 weighing 18 st 4lb I started my 3rd journey 2 wks ago and today weigh 13 12lb like any other diet its about changing your eating habots and how you look at food in a whole. I myself am defined as an emotional eater this diet has given me the chance to lose the weight quickly but safely and as you probably seen from other posts the 1st ten days are the hardest its at this point I realised I couldnt go on stuffing my face with everything that moved. I am in control of what I put in my mouth (well most days lol ) and this is the result of this diet it takes away the thought of what you are going to make for diner etc and gives you time to reflect on the past I wish you all the success if you decide to join us the guys on here are brilliant supportive and lend a shoulder when the going gets tough
Good luck on your journey to where you want to be

Sharron xx

gosh didnt mean to get so deep

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