Husk Muffins


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With all this talk of recipes for truffles and porridge etc I've been thinking about other possibilities.

I LOVE making choc muffins but they are always gone in 10 seconds! I wondered if anyone has tried adding psyllium husks to them in order to bulk them up to a more substantial 'normal' muffin size? (you know the ones that spill out over the top of the case and hang over the edges.....mmmm getting carried away here!!).

Just thought I'd ask before I wasted a pack.

Also - I had my first attempt at porridge yesterday (banana) - it wasn't exactly a roaring success (very slimy!) but at least the diffficulty getting it on the spoon meant it took me longer to eat! Will keep trying though.

Am going to try to thicken a soup up with it later so any tips on how to make the perfect soup would be gratefully received!

Thanks x
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i found that putting husks in a soup meant i had to drink the soup quite quick cos it started going slimey really quick. of course, next time i will just use less husks :rolleyes:

good luck with experimenting xx


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Thanks. I'll just sprinkle a few in at a time then, as slimey cheese and broc might resemble something you sneeze out :eek: and put me off psyllium husks for life!

Will let you know how I get on!


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last night i put 1 tsp of husks into a choc muffin. it didnt seem to alter the texture too much or make it rise. i wouldnt risk adding any more though as i think the tsp i did add may have dried the muffin out a little. then again.....
Maybe ill have another go...add more water and a few more husks..if the husks swell in the water then maybe ill get a bigger miffin next time?
ill find out later no doubt!


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Keep me posted please KWB as I have just wasted a pack of soup. Soup I can deal with throwing away but not a muffin!

I thought I'd done well at first but then three spoonfuls in it started to go slimey and made me gag! Even as I poured it down the sink I was heaving cuz it looked so..... there's no other way to say it.... snot like!

I'm thinking that the bumper supply of husks I excitedly snatched off the postie yesterday are not going to be quite the success I'd hoped for. So many folk on here seem to love them - I guess they are like Marmite!!


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Hi yo-yo,

My first attempts at porridge we also very slimy and totally inedible.

The trick is to not put too much husk in and only stir them, don't blend.
I use about 175ml of just boiled water, add half a pack of vanilla (or chocolate), whizz, add a fairly heaped tbsp of husks and stir. Wait a while and stir again occasionally. You get a fairly thick layer at the top and it seems too watery at the bottom, but if you stir occasionally as you eat it all evens out and it completely yummmy. :D (I get lumps sometimes :eek: but that's just like my ordinary porridge so I don't mind :eek: ;) :D ).

Good luck - it's worth persevering!


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i made a muffin with a bit more water and maybe a half tablespoon of husks, but to me it doesnt seem to change the texture or taste much!!