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Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi all

Just wanted to say hello,i have done SW many times before but have never stuck to it for longer than a few days! Have been on it one week today this time tho so fingers crossed. It's agreat diet and i'd be silly to throw this chance away so im putting my allin this time.
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good luck!! im new to this site but it sems really friendly and there are loads of really helpful threads! stick at it !! x


Is so doing it this time
Hi :) I have always done WW but just started SW and the best thing is I can eat if I'm hungry!!!! :D I lost 7½lb in my first week but had a small set back last week ie my DH and a Chinese! :eek: But I'm back on track.... stick with it hun it seems to work xx


Still Climbing That Hill!
Thanks everyone.

Just wondering if someone could check my menu for today please, i have been on SW for a week now but havn't really been having HEX as im going it alone and wasn't sure what i can or can't have for HEX

Breakfast Toffee muller light over grapes

Lunch 2 slices nimble with 1 banana

Dinner 2 eggs with onion and muxhrooms done in frylite

Snack Another muller light over grapes

Snacks 1 french toast from asda with 1 light chesse triangle and tonight a little bit of pork as a HEX but not sure which HEX it should be:confused:

Id appreciate it if someone could sort my menu out regarding HEX please?

Many Thanks
Hi petal, you don't eat much hun (or maybe iam just a pig!) you must have your hex essential for calcium and fibre intake, 2 A choices are milk and cheese 2 B choices are your cereals, bread, meat, poultry,fish, nuts and seeds and cereal bars, dried canned and cooked fruit these are messured amounts thats for green, on a red day still 2 A choices milk and cheese, but the B choices are again bread, cereals, then it would be veg (pots, beans pasta the stuff that's free on a green),cereal bars, dried canned and cooked fruit.

Looking at the menu you have posted looks like you aint doing green or red cuz you are having stuff thats free on both (apart from the pork) that's great if you are going out for a meal and are not sure wether you are gonna be red or green but for everyday i'd be starving.

Don't you eat cereal(hex) and milk (hex)? for breakfast, jacket and pot with cheese (hex) and beans for dinner and muller light, then maybe roast dinner for tea pork or chick or beef (hex) pots, peas, carrots etc gravy for syns? This is for a green day, (I don't really do red) hope this helps shout up if it's not clear hun xx

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