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Hyperchondriac in need of help


Angelic Fruitcake
Hello lovely people I have a question. Well I am a BIG hyperchondriac:confused: as the title of the thread suggests. And last week at the doc's the nurse took my blood pressure and it was low whitch she said didn't surprise her as I was SSing and since I have been having dizzy spells whenever I stand up or in the shower they quickly go away. I was just worried as I understand about high blood pressure but I don't understand low blood pressure and couldn't ask the nurse as another patient was waiting and I'm a little worried if I'm putting myself in any danger? I really don't want to stop SSing as I'm lovin it so far. Any insight would be great lots of thanks in advance xxxx
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Very low BP is dangerous but it sounds like yours is just slightly low. Lots of people get that when they're losing weight fast - usually if you stand up quickly you feel giddy. It's just your body getting used to the change it's going through. If you just stand up more slowly til your body adjusts you should be fine. The LLCs warn clients about this, to expect it. I've had it on LL. If your reading was worrying the nurse would probably have discussed it. If you can remember what it was you can always look it up if you're still worried. Or you can always go back there but if the nurse wasn't worried I doubt you need to be.


Angelic Fruitcake
Thanks hun I didn't look at the machine I was to busy trying to explain what CD was and all she said was that it was low but she expected it to be on 415cal a day yeah I'm sure if it was seriously low she would have made more noise about it. I was just worried about it with the dizzyness aswell xxx
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Awww hun, i dont know much about low BP but i know alot about hypochondria (SP?) so i wanted to send you lotsa :hug99:. I suffer from anxiety really bad (mainly when i'm worried i'm unwell etc.) and had 3 panic attacks last night :(

If your BP was very low and you were at risk i think your nurse would have said more then just tell you its low. I agree with IslandBreeze that its probably your body getting used to the diet. I would reccomend that you take things alittle easier if you're worried about the dizzyness and if it is really worrying you maybe you could move up to SS+.

I hope you're feeling better now sweets :) xx


Angelic Fruitcake
Thanks hun It's so nice to have someone else whose a hyperchondric about most people laugh at me thinking it's quite cute or funny but they don't realise how debilitating it can be I to suffer from panic attacks sometimes when I think I am ill. Oh well I feel much better today and thanks for the info. xxxx


Angelic Fruitcake
By the way Mayby Baby O.M.E love your avater xxx
By the way Mayby Baby O.M.E love your avater xxx
This is going to sound stupid, but what does O.M.E mean? lol.

My hypercondria is brought on by my increased anxiety levels. I was really unwell a few years back and my anxiety has got worse since. I've found that most people find it annoying and its a shame because it really is debilitating like you said.

I cant wiat to get this wait off so i can start exercising at the gym, i've read its a good way to lower anxiety and stress levels.

I'm glad you're feeling better hun xx


Angelic Fruitcake
O.M.E means Oh my Edward like OMG it was a term that really hardcore twilight fans say instead of Oh my god and I think its really funny lol.

Yes my hyperchondria is brought on by stressful situations aswell it first started when I was about 6 after a family friend passed away it went away for ages and came back again when I first moved to uni and was super homesick and yeah people do find it super annoying because they see us as wanting to be ill as a way of attention seeking whitch is silly as we have a very overpowering fear of being ill we don't want to be sick at all. Also a lot of people do not understand that hyperchondria is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. exercise is great and helps with anxiety but like binge eating people with hyperchondria and anxiety disorders have mental triggers like mine are being to far away from my close family for an extended period of time and cancer. Pre cognative threapy is amazing it's kind of like couselling as they have to discover where it first stemmed from mine was from that incident when I was six. They help you discover your trigger and how to change your way of thinking about it so that when you encounter it again you can react to it in a more rational way. I had a couple of sessions last year and felt amazing and like I had more control and since the sessions I have not a full blown out hyp attack whitch means no panic attacks. You can have the sessions for free as well if you want to try them just explain the anxiety to your gp or nurse and they can point you in the right direction. Sorry thats a super duper long post but thought it was info worth know as your a fellow sufferer xxxx
Hey hun, that was a super duper long post, lol. I'll have to read it again tmrw when i'm more awake.

I'm not sure where my hyperchondria stems from. I think its just an accumaltion of stress, anxiety and bad experiences with my health. I am starting CBT soon to help with my anxiety, so i'm really looking forward to that. I am hoping to start using exercise, yoga and nutritional therapy (i love leanring about this suff, lol) to start controling my anxiety, i hate medication, i've had too many bad experiences and its evil, lol.

Thank you for the advice though, its very much appreciated :)

I've just started reading the Twilight books after i found out about the movie. I love Robert Patterson anyway and hes just lush as Edward.

I get really frustrated by my panic attacks because they come when exercising (to the point I avoid it, am just too scared of it. Six months ago I wouldn't even stand up without someone being around I was so scared of my heart giving out). Much much better now through western and TCM combined with hypnotherapy for relaxation. I live on the third floor!
SS gets me because I am super aware of my heartbeat anyway and having not much in my stomach really exentuates it and that sets me off! Vicious vicious cycle.
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I get really frustrated by my panic attacks because they come when exercising (to the point I avoid it, am just too scared of it. Six months ago I wouldn't even stand up without someone being around I was so scared of my heart giving out). Much much better now through western and TCM combined with hypnotherapy for relaxation. I live on the third floor!
SS gets me because I am super aware of my heartbeat anyway and having not much in my stomach really exentuates it and that sets me off! Vicious vicious cycle.
Aww hun, i can totally relate to being more worried about my heartbeat on SS. My anxiety plays all kinds of tricks with my mind, its awful and then i end up nibbling on the diet because i think my hearts going to stop if i dont eat.

I havent thought of using hypnotherapy before, is it effective? I'm hoping to start Hatha Yoga when i lose abit more weight so i can practice my breathing techniques etc.

Well done on your weightloss so far, you're doing really well :)



Angelic Fruitcake
Yeah Robs a hottie they books are great I read them wondering what all the hype was and got majorly sucked in lol Yoga is excellent for anxiety as well as Tai' chi you might find they work for you aswell True Me as they are very gentle exercises that really help clear the mind as well. I'm the same as you mayby baby I don't like taking medication unless it's really needed I think SS makes our anxiety worse as the body adjusts which can seem a bit scary at times. Btw True Me you'll have to let me know how the hypnothearapy goes for you xxxx
I listen to a hypnotherapy CD evey night as I go to sleep and all I know is that I am waking more refreshed and (generally) sleeping right through the night which I wasn't doing.

I can recommend TCM and acupuncture to anybody. The herbs might look horrid and taste a bit nasty, but I tell you, the way I have calmed down since taking them is a miracle. My heartbeat has gone down on it, and it definitely helps keep my moods stable.

The acupuncture is also brilliant. 45 minutes of relaxation is so great! You also stand tall when you're finished. Clothes that are tight when I go are loose when I stand up. (I cheat a little and go from there to my WI. :) ) In addition he knows that I am loosing weight and helps by using herbs that kickstart weightloss and acupuncture points that stimulate it too.

So I would recommend those, but I totally understand people can't do it for their own reasons, including money. I am single with no kids and sharehouse so can (just) afford the 50 quid per week it costs.

Hope the information helps. Sorry the post was long.
Aww, i'm glad you're finding ways to deal with your anxiety and hyperchondria. I had a few panic attacks again last night. My chest was tight but i think i'm getting unwell because i have a bad chest and throat, but my mind always succeeds to make me think its my heart, lol :(. So i nibbled again last night and dont expect any loss this week. Its been a horrible week with the anxiety attacks :(

What is TCM if you dont mind me asking?? I have always wanted to try acupuncture but i wasnt sure about it. I wil have to look into it because i'll try anything to help with my stress and anxiety levels. Does it help with depression too?

I hope you're having a good day hun xx
hi folks i am so glad i read this thread. recently well 12 months or so i have been having problems with thoughts to the point where i cant get to sleep at all now i thought it was just the medication i started not long ago because i had read the side affects. so first i think if i go sleep my heart might stop and i wouldnt know, or i might have a brain hemoridge from a head ache because my nan did and now she has an anurisem and then i think dont be stupid its the medication cuz the side affects are anxiety etc and then the thought goes to oh no the medication is going to make me ill and have anxiety lol sorry its a bit confusing.
anyway i think after reading your posts i will have a chat to the gp next time i go and see if it is the meds or if i am paranoid.
sorry for the long post and for butting in on your conversation just thought i would say thanks for making me feel a bit more at ease.
Manda x
Hi hun, dont apologise for posting. We're here to support each other. I'm sorry you're suffering from anxiety, especially when it makes you afraid to go to sleep. I get this alot and it's horrible.

I think you should definatley see your GP and speak to him about it. If it is stated as a side effect with your meds its highly likely to be the cause. I have had very bad experiences with medication side effects so definatley get it checked out.

I'm sorry to hear about your nan, i hope shes ok.

Let us know how you get on hun xx


Angelic Fruitcake
Hi Manda glad you found the thread and sorry to hear about your troubles and your nan. I was once having weird headaches and I was so worried I couldn't sleep either and was having constant panic attacks I ended up in A&E crying my eyes out thinking I had a brain tumouras it turned out I had been unknowingly clenching my jaw causing tenstion through the front of my head whitch in turn caused the headlaches lol I can laugh about it now but at the time I was truly terrified. I have to agree with Mayby Baby sometimes medication can cause evil side effects so I would go back to your gp. And no need to be sorry about joining in It's nice to know there are others out there who experience anxiety troubles (well it's not nice we have to go through them but nice to know we are not alone). And Mayby Baby I hope you are feeling better today and sorry to hear about your Panic Attacks but do't worry about your little nibble I'm sure you will still see a loss. Sending out a big group hug to you all :grouphugg:xxxx
TCM is traditional chinese medicine. It definitely can help for depression. If you're interested, find a good chinese doctor or acupuncture place as these are the places most likely to prescribe it.

They often use flowers in their prescriptions, but they haven't kicked me out of ketosis yet.

I agree that it is comforting to know other ppl are struggling with this issue of heartbeat and headaches on this diet. And as above, I don't wish it on anybody but it's comforting that I'm not the only one.

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