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Hypothetical question for you!


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OK I'll keep it short then explain later, IF I were to come off SS, for two whole days, and eat whatever and whenever I wanted, say about 1500 kcals per day, does anyone have any idea how that would effect weightloss ( or even gain:sigh:) for that week?

I need to seriously consider doing this....Thanks wonderful people :)
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You wont gain any bodyfat because you need more than 1,500 cals per day so will still lose fat that week .
But you will gain weight because of the food that is in your tummy, water retention etc. This should all go away again after a couple of days.
The only danger is whether you might not be able to get back into ss again.
If you want/need to not do CD for 2 days overall it wont make any difference, just as only as you ensure it is only 2 days.

Jue xx

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You would probably gain about 5lbs, like I do, but it would all be water, and you would lose it again very quickly once you restart on SS. 1500 calories isn't enough to gain fat - you need to take in 2000 calories per day in order to STS and another 3500 on top of that to gain 1lb - so don't worry. :)


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Thanks everyone, Ill explain why I'm in a dilemma!

For the first time in 2 years my lovely mum has offered to have the children for 2 days ( 1 night) while my DH and I go down to Cornwall and stay in a B&B for a much needed break on our own. We've had a terrible year financially, and I've been really ill, plus our eldest son who's 6 has special needs and he hasn't been to a school for months, while Ive been fighting his case to get him into our local school, so this break means so much to both, and I want to enjoy myself for two days, and be able to eat (sensibly) and make the most of the time we have.

Think it's worth even staying the same weight wise that week, and I will absolutely go back to ssing, as I'm determined to finally shift these last few stones after yoyoing the same 6 stone for 10 years.

Sorry this has turned into my life story now! but writing it down has made it clear that I do deserve this break, and to enjoy myself, and if it takes an extra week to get to target- so be it.
Thanks xxx

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