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I always fail, so i'm going to fail at this right?

Everything i do i fail at. I can never complete something, either my weight gets in the way or the fact i have severe social anxiety problems. I've tried weight loss soo many times but have failed. It's hard when you've grown up all your life relying on food as a type of comfort. I've done that all my life now because of things in the past. Food is my best friend i guess you can say. How do you get the motivation? I have many days where i'm like YEAH I CAN DO THIS! Then the next day ... whats the point? each time i set myself up to fail.

Sorry for the rant, anyway relate? Do you think surgery is the best idea?
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sweet heart you have to trust in yourself and take one day at a time one decision at a time. i used to say i always fail start projects and dont finish i've lived in my flat for 12 years and havent finished decorating oh i've started each room numerous times but have never put down a brush and thought yeah thats complete because i'm never happy with anything i do there's always more theres always better or tomorrow i'll do it tomorrow i'll get my hair done, start my diet -arrange things properly but now having realised that i've decided to do the best i can tomorrow today instead of thinking tomorrow i'm trying to look after myself like i'd look after my child -i'm the only thing i have control over i have to make the decisions and the choices and i only have to make one at a time - as for the social problems my best friend calls me the hermit lady others complain i never come out or i back out at the last minute but i know once i conquer this mounntain that wont be a issue - your not alone and i dont neccesarily think surgery is your only option stick at it one day at a time
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Lovin it !!! :)
Ok, so lets just complete 1 day. Thats it 1 day. Then, next goal is another day. Try to not look any further than that. As those 1 days go past and you have succeeded, you will find they have turned into weeks.

There is lots of point. You are the point, you are not a failure and you can do it. I rely on food for comfort too - LOADS of us on here do - it is nothing to be ashamed of - we are all here to help you - if you feel down and need some comfort and want to eat then come post on here, we all know where you are coming from.

Surgery may not be the answer, but that is your decision in what you think is best for you. Surgery may be the answer, again only you can decide that.

Whatever you decide, we will all support you, help you and listen if you want to sound off, moan, cry, laugh or whatever - we are all on here for the same reason my lovely. xx[/QUOTE]
Thank you. I've never been on a forum before where people are so understanding and supportive. Thank you both of you, today i feel on the right track! :) I will take it a day at a time too.


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I can definately relate. I give up too easily. I did manage to complete a creative writing course but need to hand in more work for the accreditation which I may not actually do.:rolleyes: As for dieting...:eek: lol

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I've started loads of things and then not finished them (cross-stitch projects, knitting, decorating) but I don't beat myself up about it. Maybe you just get bored easily, or you are too bright and have too many ideas in your head at once. I think at 17 you are too young to write yourself off, heh.

From your picture and what you've told us, you're a pretty, shy, sensitive, young girl who takes refuge in food sometimes. Don't be so hard on yourself, that isn't such a bad thing.

I have to say though, food may be what you turn to but it isn't your best friend. When you ask yourself "What's the point?" tell yourself that the point is, food won't help you to get where you want to be, or give you more confidence, if you eat too much of it.

If you were my daughter I'd be trying to get you to join a drama club or something. I'd be pushing you to defeat your shyness by full-on doing the opposite of hiding away. But I'm a nut-case mother who has three very extrovert children as a result. Hahaha!

I hope you stick to the plan and get your chin up! You seem lovely. ;)
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I feel exactley the same! I've been trying to shift the weight for 5 years and at the begginning i didn't even really need to lose that much, maybe a stone.. but i was really unhappy with my weight and wanted it to change. i never succeeded and it took control of my whole life. It became this viscious cirle that i couldnt seem to break out of where i did want to lose weight but i just couldent make myself go the whole way and i would always end up failing and eating more and more. i now have about 4+ stone to lose and i know deep down if i had done something earlier i could of prevented it getting this big of a problem. I still worry everyday that im going to fail or let myself down but i just think all you can do is change this time. Make it different from the other times. You cant change the past but theres no reason why you cant be slim and healthy and dont let the past dictate how you act now. You know where you've gone wrong in the past and like the above posters have said, just take it one day at a time. Just believe in yourself and be patient and it will happen! Good luck with it all :) x
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I too fail frequently,, but now i look at it like this.
if i dont stick to it im just going to end up bigger and unhappier than i am now.

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