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I am absolutly DISGUSTED!!!!


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Anyone heard of the restaurant chain Old Orleans ????

So was planning on going there next week for lunch with a friend (im not on tfr) So had a look at their website looked at the nutritional information and i am absolutly SHOCKED to the core that 4 of their dishes contain OVER 2000 calories!!!!!!!!!!!

The majority of their main meals (14) contain over 1500 calories.

Their starters, the majority (12) are over 500 cals.

Their deserts the majority (6) are over 1000 cals (one of which is over 2000 calories and contains 107% of your saturated fat intake for the day)

***The 4 meals that contain over 2000 calories 3 of them also contain over 100% of our daily fat intake (158%, 198% and 200%)

Now i am wondering what the hell to do about this, if anything.

So, anyone any ideas?
Write them a letter/email maybe trying to get some sort of explanation as to why?!!!!
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Hi Tanya
Write to them to get it off your chest, but don't go there - and thanks for the warning: I won't be going there either when I'm back on food.
It is short sighted at best and stupid at worst but not illegal for them to have such a fat-laden menu but most pubs would happily sell you more than the recommended amount of alcohol, and as far as I know all supermarkets would happily sell you as many cigarettes as you can afford. It's a free country and you have a free choice! Exercise it well, but don't let it spoil your Friday night.



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Ah i know its free choice and all that but youd think that with all that the country is trying to do to tackle obesity etc a chain like this would stop and think. Maybe something like a healthy menu but they dont even have that!

Im defo not going there i was just so shocked i had to tell somebody! :giggle:

Edit; p.s .... you make a very good point about the alcohol/cigarette situation - never really thought about it like that!
Makes you wonder how many OTHER places are the same, that nobody has checked before!!
That'll make me alot more aware.
I say Watchdog and food standards as it's in their hands then and if they feel it nessisary to take action they can,
thanks for letting us know and smart girl checking the site!

They offer what their customers will pay for - it's market lead. Don't get me wrong - I agree with you that it is terrible food nutritionally, but the majority of their customers don't give a rats....
I guess because we have had to face our food demons and deal with them we look at it differently. We are able to make our choices count too though, and I would have thought it would be good business sense for them to cater for more discerning punters.



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Yeah - i bet the food tastes gorgeous and they give what the majority of the customers want but i just couldnt believe it - over 100% of our intake :O i can just about understand 1500cals but over 2000 is taking the pee! lol Im still in shock over it - all over some silly calories hahahaa how sad do i sound right?! lol
I totally agree with free choice and Jon you're dead right, most of their customers probably don't give a rats BUT it's the customers that do and probably think they're making healthy choices that I feel sorry for and deserve to be well informed, HOWEVER, they do have the info available so i suppose it's up to the individual to check first.

Cheers for letting us know cos it'll make me more pro active about checking ahead!


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Thats just it though - the info isnt available in the restaurant only online and then it only has info for some of the dishes!! I think this is whats being campaigned for at the minute isnt it?

The other place we are thinking of is Frankie & bennies - no nutrition on their website or in the restaurant - going there just cuz i cant see the calories therefore its all calorie free right????!!!!! :rotflmao:

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