Step2 810kcal I am absolutly starving! Help!

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  1. Im on day 13 and this week has been so much harder than the first! I'm hungry all the time except when I have my meal. Yet that only lasts about an hour then I'm hungry again! I only lost 1lb the first week and my scales still haven't moved much. Don't understand? Obviously I new I'd be hungry but I'm so hungry I'm in pain and I'm bit even on the lowest step :( I do have quite an active job so wonder if that doesn't help? Any advice on how to stop feeling hungry? Also does anyone use diet pills with this diet to speed it along xx
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  3. Chlo

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    A definite NO on the diet pills. This diet works alone, and it has been medically approved, you add diet pills to the mix and you are putting your health at risk. Speed it along? You can't get much faster than Cambridge.

    I don't know why you are still hungry, but there are some people out there who never seem to get the benefits that ketosis provides the rest of us. Things you could try are:

    * Move up to SS+, there isn't a difference in losses but you get an extra shake
    * You could have more shakes but half a pack each, so you are having a fix every couple of hours
    * Move up a few steps beginning with 810 or 1000 and move your way down if you aren't happy with the losses, some people have just as good losses on the higher steps, while it is stepping stones to SS so your body has time to adjsut
    * Drink, drink, drink, water does fill you up too
    * Keep busy, if you don't have time to think about the hunger it isn't so bad

    Good luck and I hope things get better for you.
  4. I haven't had a quick loss on Cambridge so it prob can get quicker for me lol
  5. CrazyDiamond

    CrazyDiamond Gold Member

    There's a chance you're not in ketosis, step two can swing both ways, it might be worth logging your food on my fitness pal or similar, that way you can see a better breakdown of the nutrition you are getting.

    You can get a lower carb count on step two by using yogurt instead of milk (see back of book) this can cut up to 10g carbs a day, also avoiding the lentils anch chickpeas you can have as again these are quite carby, this could be the difference between ketosis or not.

    Also be mega accurate with your weighing.

    worth a try....
  6. Thank you il try the yogurt! I feel much better now it's weird some days I feel fine and the next I'm starving xx
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