I am addicted!


Finally...Life begins
To weight loss that is!

Seeing a slight change in the scales each day, something clicked this morning and I realised in maybe less than a couple of weeks I will be 16 stone something (yeah maybe high 16's) but that is fantastic to me. Better than being 19 stone something like I was this time last moth!

Anyway, supposed to be going to a meal tonight, but I really really dont want to go and eat something, I want to see that loss sooo much more, I think I am addicted to it!

Hope thats good and not bad! lol.

Just wanted to share that with you all! :D

Reading thru my old diaries, when my hubby and I moved in together I was 15 stone 3 pounds that was Jan 1997. Thats the smallest I ever remember being. The Smallest I ever remember feeling was 17st 10, and now I am past that one!!
What a great day it will be when I hit and run past the 15 stone mark!

I might just have another glass of water to celebrate. (heck ill have two!)
I think that its a good thing to be addicted to!! lol GO YOU!!
It is good to be addicted, thats the exact way I felt when I started the first time. Dont eat tonight!!! It will make it much much harder, believe me:rolleyes:
I got out of going! Well daughter with chicken pox good enough reason I thought and she was being very clingy with me not hubby so they were happy that I couldnt make it!

the fact she is in bed fast asleep already (for now!) is another matter! lol
Well done angela, Im pretty much as addicted as you! Its a good feeling watching that weight drop off, next weigh in tomorrow am, fingers crossed x