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I am addicted..


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Hey Hope i know what you mean, i find cooking helps to stop thinking about me eating! I used to hate cooking and in fact i never did it! Now i am making everybodys tea lol However i find cookery programmes dull im afraid xxx


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totally agree 110% with knobs of creamy butter on top lol

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"... and then stir it around a little, till all mixed in..." "finely chop the onion like so..." "place in a hot over, around 190 degress for 30mins or until golden brown..."

I too am COMPLETELY obessed with cookery programes!! I have never, ever been interested in cooking, infact I hated having to even 'heat' anything at all... but now - I cant get enough of cooking! I even splashed out £130 on a new fabulous pan set! :)

Wierd and wonderful dishes for the other half, he cant believe it, neither can I!!!!! CANT WAIT TO EAT AGAIN!!!!


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since starting LT i decided that it would be a good idea to change the way my family are eating as well otherwise when i finished id just go back to eating the way i was and put it all back on so out went all the processed crap and in with good stuff ,lots of veg and fresh meat and all the varieties of fruit you can think of,my oh was instantly pleased the kitchen goodess he had always dreamed about(and went from 34 to 32 waist) the kids on the otherhand were a bit more of a challenge but if jaime oliver can change school menus and they eat it so can i well 7 weeks in and they are eating more types of food than i ever could of imagined(marlin for tea tonight)there behaviour is better(although they werent that bad to start with)and dont even ask for the crap they used to eat like crisps so not only has lipotrim helped me it has also secured a healthy life for my kids xx
I've changed the eating habits in my house too - healthy salads for lunch boxes, lots of fresh veg and fruit, I've also started buying all organic meat (which I have been meaning to do for ages but never got round to it because we were eating rubbish!). I'm hoping it will make an easier transistion when I start eating again. As a treat for each stone I lose I am buying myself a cookery book! I actually find the cooking process makes me feel less hungry and while I am dishing up dinner my boyfriend makes me my shake which feels like a luxury in itself as he normally never does anything remotely related to food preparation or cooking!! lol The only thing I do find annoying is not being able to taste sauces to check for seasoning - nothing has tasted too bad yet though I'm told! ;)

Any recommendations for good cook books as I owe myself another book this week? :) I have the Jamie Oliver one that follows his current tv series and a Bill Granger one (Every Day I think it is).
Hey! I have done that too cook to help with the transition my husband has not had a take away or quick food for 4 moths+. A good book is Hearty and healthy dairy cook book. Its got some really good recipes in it and it has break down of cals etc.. xx

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