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I am apparently the walrus.

Oh God, Oh God.

Hi there, I’m new – and I’m fat.

I used to say overweight, chubby, heavy, cuddly, curvaceous (this adjective is perhaps the funniest), but now I have no choice than to say grossly obese. I’m very surprised that teenagers don’t point and laugh.

Yesterday I met with my CDC for the first time, having convinced myself that 2008 is the year to do something about my blubber, bad skin and tents (whoops, I mean clothes). At worst I had guessed myself to be 16 stone. I’m not – I’m frighteningly close to 20. To be at my target weight of 8 stone something, I need to lose approximately eleven stone. It’s insurmountable.

Usually, if someone draws attention to my weight, I find comfort in the arms of Mr Cadbury, Mr Golden Wonder and Mr Domino. This time all I could do was laugh. Laugh or cry: in a stranger’s house and at the beginning of a year when I swore to be happy, I’m glad I chose laughing.

It’s not really funny, though, is it? I know I have to spend the majority of 2008 on a liquid diet. That I can just about – just about, with a bit of tilting and sucking in of cheeks – get my head around. I’m just so angry at myself, for becoming this way in the first place. I’m angry that, if I live to be 75, if bread deprivation doesn’t kill me first, I will have spent a third of my life being overweight. That’s a third of my life in which I couldn’t always wear or do the things I wanted to. I’ll be damned if the very same reason prohibits my living life to the full for the next two thirds!

So I am beginning my diet tomorrow. Not today, because I already had dinner plans for tonight and taunting yourself on the very first day isn’t terribly self-loving. Before making the decision to invest in the diet I lurked on this website for a while, seeking information. I’m so grateful to have a place where I can not only see the success stories but watch them as they happen.

Good luck to everyone who is dieting today and I’ll see you all tomorrow. Take care!

Hungry Hippo
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What a wonderful, honest and inspiring post. I wish you every success in your weight loss journey and look forward to seeing the 'real you' emerge.


S: 15st2lb C: 13st0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 2st2lb(14.15%)
Welcome to Mini's and good luck with your journey - you CAN do it.
Brilliant post!!! Welcome to minis :)

My weight is supposed to be in the 8s too, but dont forget that cambridge say onaverage a stone a month loss..... Think about christmas this year ;) xxxx

Mrs Depp

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Hello HH, welcome to Minimins hun. When I started reading your post I thought you sounded so very sad, fed up, depressed. Then I got to the part where you say "I'll be damned if the very same reason prohibits my living life to the full for the next two thirds", and realised that I'd read your post in the wrong context. You're positive, strong-willed, feisty, honest, determined and I think you'll do it - because you want to as well as needing to. :D

As the others have said You CAN Do It. :D

Sorry, I sent you rep points but didn't type the rest of the message in hun, it was supposed to say "You Go Girl!" lol
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Hi HH,


Your post is full of determination to change and I have no doubt you will!

Here is to 2008 and making a difference:)

Love Mini xxx
Oh my god, I soooo know what you mean. when I first started this I was VERY angry too, and strangely you're the first person i've read about who felt the same. I think its understandable, especially as you, like me, thought you weighed a lot less.

One brilliant thing about this diet is the way its so empowering. Because you are in control of what you eat, you feel in control of EVERYthing. At least I do...!

I wish you loads of luck and success on your journey. Just think - if you start tomorrow, you will be about seven stone less by the summer - maybe more. How brilliant will you feel then?

fat in the jing

as happy as a lark!
Wow!!! I had goosebumps reading your post because I can picture you now, January 9th 2008, and again in a year, January 9th 2009 - you're spirit will definately win this battle.....it's already more than half-way there, for a fat person to admit that they do actually have a problem is like the guy who stands up for the first time and says, 'my name's Jim and I'm an alcoholic' the social drug-user, who goes home one day and says 'Mum, I can't control it any longer, please help me', the dieter who goes so far that she needs a pipe into the stomach to keep her alive and then says, 'I want to get better, can you make some soup for me please?' and every other person who has ever suffered from an addiction of some kind (pretty much 99% of the world's population!)

With so much determination, the year will fly by in no time!

Love to you HH, I look forward to reading more about your journey.


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Wow hungry hippo, a fantastic first post. Welcome to minimins and I'll be very interested to read your progress.
Hi there HH,
what a wounderful post, after reading it has given me even more motivation to get to my own goal.
You've already done the first step by confronting the problem by seeking a cdc and setting your start date.
I wish you all the best and good luck.


Fed up of being fat
Hi hh, welcome to minimins. Great first post, make sure you keep posting. Im sure you will do great on this diet you are determined and thats what you need to be. Loads of great ladies and gents here for support, they all inspire me.
You are not alone either HH. There are so many inspirational people on this site who have wanted to - and succeeded in - losing over 10st. Try and find some blogs to follow their journeys, it's really helpful.

I did LL initially and I think it was one of their DVDs when a woman said she used to be really angry and as her weight disappeared, so did her anger.

Good luck HH. Actually you don't need luck, you need support (this forum is one way), determination and a dash of willpower - and you'll do it! You really will!


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I think you are going to do really really well - I get a funny feeling ;);););)
You know what, I think Time4ME's right!

You sound as though you've reached that point where you really want to do this. And with CD--you can. I've done every diet under the sun--many of us here have. We can count points/calories/sins/fat units/carbs... yawn...

CD is breathtakingly simple. Have three shakes/soups or 2 shakes/soups and a meal bar a day. That's it. No extra thinking required, at least for the first 4 weeks.

And you think it might take a year to lose the weight? Maybe not--if you make up your mind to stick to CD one hundred percent. I've lost 3 and a half stone in 12 weeks. Others here (I'm thinking of Dutch, for example) have lost a cracking five stones in twelve weeks. Generally speaking, the heavier you are to start with, the faster the weight comes off at the beginning.

I wish you all the very best and am sending you loads of positive vibes. You can do this, just as so many have done before you.

Looking forward to hearing about less of you in the weeks to come ;)


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just joined

Hi found this forum today read HH post and decided to join.I'm fat 17 stone,i wasn't always fat,i used to be size 8 until i had kids,learnt to drive and got a boyfriend.I've decied to do the CD and i'm hopefully meeting a councelor on Sat.I'll see what happens then,but as i'm 40 this Sept i'm determined not to be fat and forty.16 of my friend are going to Tenerife in Sept and i don't want to be the fat friend that just tagged along.Last time we went on holiday when we were 18 i was the thin and fab one,and i'm going to be again.Best of luck HH.

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
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Welcome to Minimins! Just wanted to say that despite your upset and annoyance at your weight, your humour also shines through, in your first post.

I'm sure that you will do the business on CD and get to your goal - keep coming on Minimins, reading and posting - it whiles away the hours and keeps you away from the kitchen!

Good luck with your start xx

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