I am back for a while, please help me!


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Hi everyone. I dont know if any of you will remember me, I was here quite a while ago and lost a lot of weight on SS, I felt fab, and maintained for almost a year. However, this December I have been lucky enough to have two weekends away, and with Christmas etc I have gone mad and put weight back on! I think I have about a stone maybe a bit more to take back off, I was surprised it was not more. I have some CD supplies, for about a month, so am going back on. Any support is much appreceated - I start 2nd jan. The thing that has amazed me the most is that at 17 stone plus losing a stone felt like it made no difference to my size, but when you are a size 12 and gain a stone, it makes a real difference! I am wearing an old pair of size 16-18 trousers! I really need to so this but I am worried I will not be able to. Any tips for a deperate returner? Thanks
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I'm sure 1 stone wont take long to shed hun. I'm sure you could even do it with healthy eating and exercise if ya really wanted. But like you said, going from size 12 jeans to 16 is very scary, so we all want quick results!

I think alot of returners struggle with having to fit back into the routine of shakes and soups again. If you can overcome that and the amount of water, you're half way there.

Best of luck hun x


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Good luck on the re-start, I know what you mean, im a size 12 and short! and feel like every lb shows!
It WILL shift very quickly!