I am back.

Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by Lind, 23 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Lind

    Lind Is feeling the love!

    God, it's been a long time.

    I am back ready to go and really looking forward to speaking with you lovely people again and seeing how well everyone is doing.

    I'm in the zone!! :giggle::rotflmao:
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  3. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Welcome back Lind, nice to see you again. Glad you are back in the right mind frame, think a lot of people have had a bit of a struggle of late (me included!). But you've been doing so well, not long to go now!
  4. LightRaven

    LightRaven What doesn't kill me.....

    YAY! Welcome back!

  5. drbetteridge

    drbetteridge Full Member

    Welcome, Linda. Your stats are impressive- hope I can do as well as you've done.
  6. Lind

    Lind Is feeling the love!

    Thanks guys, it's good to be back.
    I forgot how much this site helps you along the way. x
  7. sacha

    sacha Banned

    I'm tryin again too!
  8. Lind

    Lind Is feeling the love!

    How long have you been off it? and, how mych weight did you loose first time around?

    Good to know we're all still trying!!!
  9. sacha

    sacha Banned

    I lost a stone from xmas til about march. Then did Weight Watchers and got to about 9st 4 was made redundant and gave up, and put on a few lb. Lost it already tho doing this 4 just 2 wks! So shows its worth the effort. It is more effort getting it off, but it takes less time than it does puttin it on again!
  10. Lind

    Lind Is feeling the love!

    I so need a kick!! Something is going astray in my head!!! I so want it, but I haven't been doing enough to get it. This is the first week I have been properly good for ages. I so hope I loose something this week.
  11. drbetteridge

    drbetteridge Full Member


    Consider yourself kicked!

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