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I am being a very naughty girl and dont know why.

Hi everyone ,
Dont know whats up with me , but I am being very naughty in my last week of foundation , how stupid is that?
I was so thrilled last Thursday at my next to last WI in foundation , I lost exactly 4 stone and was over the moon. I have one more weigh in and guess what cheat cheat cheat cheat this week! It was chicken on Sunday, Ham on Monday, and today 5 Rasberries! What the hell is wrong with me. The nearest I've got to being like this is an extra pack here and there but since I got to 4 stone and I know the end of the 100 days is nearly up I just seem to have lost the plot not even drinking enough. :break_diet:
DO you think I am subconciously throwing in the towel ? I had originally only thought I would do the 100 days , if I could last that long , but decided I should do development and lose the last 3 stones then I can get on with management and the rest of my slim hopefully for ever life.
So why on earth am I slipping like this?
I go on holiday on the 4th July for two weeks and I know I wont be able to be as good as when I went on holiday half way through foundation as I think I always saw the holiday as my reward for being in abstinance for 3 months.
I do want to lose the rest but something is going on in my head and it aint good miniminers.
I feel lower than a snakes belly.........
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Well beating yourself up about it is not going to help but just make you feel worse. Look how brill you are!!!

Losing 4 stone is a wonderful achievement and I guess like all achievements we want to go and celebrate and celebration equates to eating and drinking...

Also your over half way there and you probably do feel good about yourself and the way you look so perhaps subconsciously you feel content with yourself.

With your holiday only a week away you possibly feel under pressure and anxious about gaining weight.

The best thing I would say is to make a plan of what you feel you could really live with on holiday and stick to it, make good choices for yourself. Then when you get back go at your diet full swing again.

As you pointed out yourself not drinking enough could be the cause along with everything else.

I think the fact you came on here before it got any worse shows you do not want to lose what you have achieved and I think your already back on the road again...

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini for being there to talk some sense into me. I will take myself in hand now and start to make plans as you suggest, as I know I need to regain some control as this phase of my weight loss journey ends and another begins. I know its just fear of change as well as everything else that you wisely noted.
Thanks again mini your so lovely, nice knowing someone is there.

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