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I am crap at this!!

I don't know what's wrong with me before crimbo I was so pumped up and focused. Now, I have no idea what's happened. I have eaten every few days but don't know why, I have still lost weight but I want to be 150% for some time, I want to do this properly.

I wake up in the morning and think right that's it 100% today but then I just fall to pot either when I get home or when it's time for my break.

I need serious help to do this, I'm seriously struggling here!!!
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We all struggle honey but you need to focus on getting slim and healthy and find something to distract yourself when you're tempted to eat, what plan are you on? xxx


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It can be soooooooooo hard at times!

Have you thought about timing your packs for break time at work and when you get home? What about splitting your packs to have something 'legal' when you feel in need that bit of something?

Get back on track today or you will have wasted a week!!!!!!! XXXXX
I have wasted a week anyway, I have eaten several times this week.

I am 100%tomorrow, I need to start taking my ft book to work with me, or just a book to read.

Another bad thing is on a fri & sat I like to have a 'smoke' to relax after a hard week, doing 15hr days 5days a week, but then I get the 'munchies' which had always ended up being a take away. I hav just texted my OH and told him I am not doing it anymore, if I can get through a weekend 100% then I know I can Carry on but the weekends are my biggest hurdle.

Like I said in a previous pos my mummy (CDC) is staying with me next sat night and I would love to stand on the scales and have lost a nice amount and for her to be proud of me.

I have just called my mummy for a crisis talk lol, she was busy at my sisters and is going to call me back. I need a MASSIVE kick up the booty!


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so sorry you are having a tough time at the moment. Do you have a little book with all the reasons you want to lose weight written down and your goals and progress and stuff you will do when you get there and stuff like that. (if not do one!!). Keep it with you and if you feel tempted to cheat don't allow yourself to do it until you have read through - every page - properly - at least once and then do it again( and if you can have a big glass of water at the same time!!! If you still really want to "cheat" after that then fair play - but you might just find it will help you focus.


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This is a horribly common phenomenon with doing Cambridge.

I think it's because when you come to restarting Cambridge after a break, you know that when you do get into the groove (which is always tomorrow :rolleyes:) you'll lose a lot of pounds very quickly.

Get yourself back to basics. Get obsessive about drinking the right amount of water again (it's amazing how that falls by the wayside), don't have any bars until week 2, and don't have anything other than 3 Cambridge shakes/porridges/soups a day.

It might also help if you can think of an event to look forward to - something you can buy a new outfit for, maybe? - say for 3 months from now so that you've got something to work towards.

And just keep trying. Don't say mean things to yourself because that'll just make you eat all the wrong things if you do have a little slip. It will click again - just keep taking it one day at a time.

Hugs :hug99:

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