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Cant get back on this effing diet. Keep cheating every other day. I have no willpower left.:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

You have done brill so never lose sight of that.

Have you tried one of the higher programmes on Cambridge for now just to allow you to get back on a weekly loss albeit not as big as SS ?

Why not try the 1200 programme for a couple of weeks and then if you want to drop down gently back into SS or if you are happy then continue your weight loss on that?

or allow yourself an extra pack, just till you get back into the swing of things???

You will get back on girlie, I have every faith in you :p
Agree. Allow yourself extra, just until you get back into it. Also look at Diva's message here
Thanks everyone. I think i will try having extra packs for a while, and if this doesnt work, i will go for the 1200 programme. Divas message is very good, thanks karion. Going to make a new list of reasons to continue dieting. More in the style of I WANT..., eg I want to wear a size 12 dress on xmas day, not I DONT WANT...eg I dont want to get to 20 stone.

Yesterday is over, forget it! Onwards and downwards!
Don't do yourself down, you've done so well. Don't lose sight of the finishing line you've come this far and I'm sure you will not turn around now and head back to the start.

I think the advice you've had is very sound, even if you go right up to 1200-1500 cals a day you would be in control. That must be better than trying to SS then cheating, being out of control and then berating yourself over it. Just take the pressure of yourself for a bit, bet you'll soon feel ready to get back on the SS wagon.
Hi Wannabeminime

Sorry you are having a pants time - I found it so hard to get focused again after the times I had blips/cheats - which were never as bad as I built them up to be in my head - but used to just think "Ive failed again". I think your idea to move onwards and focus on what you want (size 12 dress will taste just great at Christmas!) rather than don't want is brilliant, wish I could be so sensible!

You have done so briliantly already - over half way there - I think sometimes we can all be so hard on ourselves by only seeing where we have gone wrong, or how far we still have to go, rather than giving ourselves a big pat on the back for what we have already achieved and taking the HUGE step of starting a VLCD in the first place.

All the best - you can do it - you have been doing it for the last 54lb!:)
im sorry your struggling thats exactly what happened to me and i put all the weight back on.you dont wana do what i did you can do it you can beat the cheat bleat in your head xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oh so sory you are finding things hard
I was felling the same a couple of weeks ago
could not seem to stop wanting food,eat healthy things but still eat.
After talking to my CDC i have done to weeks 790 and find I am fine ,Knowing I am going to have a meal helps to get me through the day,and the little mile in my coffee was yummmmmyy.
You are not crap ypu have done so well you can do it
Sending you positive vibes.
Hope you are haveing a better day.
love libbie x
I have little blips here and there but find that I can put brackets around them and move on by challenging my thinking - a blip isn't the end of the diet, it isn't the end of dieting for the day, it is just that - a blip.

I find that by challenging the negative thoughts (ie, I have failed, I can't do this, I am rubbish, etc) and replacing them with positives - look how much I have lost, it isn't the end of the world, think how much I would have eaten before I start LL, etc, I can put the blips into their rightful place before the crooked thinking takes over and a blip turns into a disaster.

You are doing brilliantly, put this to one side and carry on.
Hi hun, please change the title of your thread....you certainly aint crap:eek::eek:.... you've done fantastically well so far and you WILL continue to do well so long as you don't dwell on a few bad food choices.... we all have bad days/weeks/months!!!!!... we're human after all!!!!!! What's important is that we learn from them and use our lessons to move forward to where we want to be.......
Size 12 frock for Xmas it will be:):):)

love xxx:)
Thanks everyone! Tomorrow is day 1 again, as kids will be in school all week with school dinners, so i wont have to cook much in the eves, then at the weekend they are away with their dad. SO THIS IS MY TIME!

Sorry Mandy, dont know how to change the thread title!