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Yes in ketosis - Just think about all those calories you are burning simply by shivering,



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Lol! I'm cold today too - it's gloriously sunny outside yet I am wearing a big cardi!! I like it though, being cold is good :) xx
I see it like this...... Here somes the science bit......

When you are warm your body inside is at the same temperature as outside as it is not doing very much but now that you are burning fat your inside is much warmer than the environment outside so you notice and feel the cold more.

maybe it's just my warped mind but it makes sense to me. I was cold but i am used to it now and I definitely see it as a positive sign!


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Ah! The ketosis fairy has sprinkled her freezing dust your way! It's great news. Love it! Just wear socks to bed, PJ's, and a hot water bottle.
Oh Yes SO normal...never worn so many coats,arctic fleeces and the like in my life....even today we were all out in the garden and everyone was warm and I had coat and scarf on!!Roll on the summer!


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I have looked into the reasons of prolonged feelings of coldness and apparantly the main reason for this is the very low calorie intake. It takes a large percentage of our daily energy to keep ur body adequately warm through the day and night but since we are now taking in much less in the way of calorie/energy our bodies are using the new 'stricter supply' of calories and using them in the most important way.
Therefore we are heated to a 'safe' temperature and then the body uses the rest of the calorie energy in other areas (brain activity/ organ function/ muscle energy etc etc).
So basically, heating the body is expensive in a calorific way and our bodies are now on a stricter budget so its time for a little 'budgeting of the body'
Hmm, I don't think it's ketosis - I never felt cold when I did Atkins. I think it is because technically speaking we are starving ourselves and therefore our bodies are going into shutdown mode where non-essential functions like keeping our extremeties warm (and growing our hair!) are cut back.

I do like Hotstuffs theory though!

ps. sorry, only just saw Cheryl's post for some reason, and she puts it much better than me!
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Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Just wanna comiserate/congratulate the freezingness!!
I bought some lovely fleecey pjs and fluffy bed socks and although cold I can imagine I'm all snuggly.

Big Cheer for the fat burning - WHOO HOO!!
I dont think its ketosis either as I have also done high protein diets before, been in ketosis and never once felt cold, I feel that because we are not taking in the calories there is not enough energy in the body to heat the whole body.


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I was absolutely freezing all last summer - it was 24 degrees in our office and I was still wearing 4 layers of clothes and cold :eek:.

The thing is even now I am eating a coventional healthy balanced diet I still feel the cold more than I used to - clearly all the fat I lost was keeping me insulated ;).

The following comes from the Cambridge website:
Why do I feel cold on the Cambridge Diet ‘Sole Source’ programme?
This is almost certainly due to a reduced thermogenic response to a reduced food intake. Large meals cause the body to generate a lot of body heat, while smaller meals produce less heat. Individuals differ widely in their thermogenic response.
For those that are affected, the cold feeling is due to the very small number of calories on the ‘Sole Source’ programme. Other factors that influence body heat production include the slight reduction in metabolic rate which always happens during weight loss, and of course the loss of insulating fat! Those who are sensitive to the cold need to move around more and wrap up warmly – many light layers are more effective than a single heavy layer.
PS - I'll take being cold over being overweight anyday!

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