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I am freezing

Hi Samseal, I think it depends on the person! It is cold this week anyway - it got better for me after the first month but my fingers are like ice blocks again now the weather has turned. I tend to wear thermal long johns under my jeans and sometimes a thermal top - I find that helps. I also look forward to my electric blanket at night! Just look on it as proof you're in ketosis and burning fat, and put on some extra layers!
thanks peeps, looking forward to the warmer weather
weigh in tomorrow night so hope it is a good one
my feet are soooo cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Allllwwwayyyss fffff rrreeeeezzzziiinngggg!!!!!!!!!! ;o)
Hi samseal,
Im on day 6 to, hows it been your first week, have you managed to bypass the headaches and the alien feeling,I think my worst time was the weekend when I suffered both:sigh: .My first weigh in tomorrow, cant wait:D
Hi Bumpy,

Been ok, have had headaches and feeling a bit rough,but I know I am losing weight.
Had lost 5 and half pounds at my pop in on Sunday,
Don't feel so bad today(although I am not at work)
I am really cold am going to snuggle on the sofa and watch T.V
Hope tomorrow shows it all worth it(weigh in)
Nice to find someone who is at the same stage.:)


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Good god freezing isn't the word!
I am actually covered in icicles! (in my head!)
I sitting here 2 pairs of thick tights, jeans, 2 pairs of socks, slippers, vest, t-shirt, long sleeved top and 2 thick jumpers topped with a wooly cardie and the heating is on full blast and Im still perished!
Im nearing the end of week 10 so not long left now but it has never improved!
Just think tho at least we'll be nice and cool come the hot summer months without the extra layers of chub! :D


has started again!!
Well, the heating is on here and I just asked OH to light out log fire too. I am almost unbearbly cold. Which is weird as I never felt the cold before. At night, in bed I am wearing fluffy sox and using an HWB.(dont like elec blankies) I am sooooo looking fwd to the Spring weather, and then a lovely, long hot Summer.....ahhhh bliss!!!!

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