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I am looking for a tv programme????

Hello all

Last week, whilst channel hopping, I found a programme called....


It was a british documentary about a journalist on a journey to lose weight by trying and testing different options, slimming world etc, to find what 'worked' for her!

It was on the REALLY channel around 9pm I think, and it was episode one..but I can't find when episode two is broadcast????

it was a 6 month journey, maybe it is on monthly????

Does anyone know?
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Nope, I hadn't heard of it either and thought it was a strange title, but I soon realised it was a fly on the wall type documentary following her and also discovering WHY she had ate more than she should, for most of her life.
It was really interesting and I would like to watch episode 2!

According to this link 'Fix my Fat Head' was a one-off programme as part of a special BBC series looking at the psychology of eating disorders.

Had a quick look to see if it's available online anywhere but no success...sorry. Shame, as I'd have liked to see it myself.
Thanks Lola Belle :)

I did a quick search myself last night and it looks as if it was first broadcast last year on BBC 1.
The reviews were good for it and for what I can gather it looks as despite various diets, she ended up putting weight on!

Oh well, shame I missed it first time around!


Bring on the weight loss!
Havnt heard of that one I must say but I really like Supersize vs Superskinny on channel 4 - have you seen that one? :-D

Whenever I watch it - it really motivates me!
Have seen supersize v superskinny, but always forget that's on. It is a good one to watch. The superskinny are sometimes even worse than the supersize....scary...

Don't want to be superskinny, I personally think that's worse than being super fat!!! Slim, size 14-16 would suit me fine. Fingers crossed I'll be there soon.

Thanks RainbowRose - trying to be realistic - that way if I want to loose more then I know I'll be able too..and 14.16 is healthier than where I am at the moment!


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