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I am making a commitment to me....


Are We There Yet?
  • ....That is what I am going to keep telling myself through this journey.
  • I am on a diet that provides all my nutritional needs. So, I have fuel. I feel great.
  • So, I do not need to eat anything that is not part of this plan. I do not plan to spend a day longer than I have to being in the fat suit that doesn't belong to me.
  • When I am slim, I shall be able to now and again have all those things I have always loved. I shall cherish them more because I have sacrificed now. I shall savour them. Not gobble them in my usual fashion.
  • I am changing my mind set and wont let anything change it.
  • I feel I have to be like this to make Exante work for me. I am not on the wagon. There is then the chance of falling of it. Instead I am walking this journey. I can trust my own feel to keep me stable.
  • Sorry to sound like I am ranting. I truly am not. Just in so many diets I have told myself they are great when I am losing and given up as soon as I am not!
  • This time I am making this commitment to myself BEFORE I am doing well and the weight is coming off.
  • Anyone who wants to join me, put your name down as a commitment to yourself, your future, your dreams, your goals. Promise yourself that this time you are going to make it work. Set your goals and run for them! Even commit to keeping it off if you are at goal.
  • I look forward to seeing you all commit :)
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A New Woman
I'm committing to me!!!!
I've got a wedding reception on this Thursday evening, a bbq at the end of the month, my leaving-do cos I'm leaving my job, my son's 5th birthday party mid-July and a baby shower to look forward to before the end of July.
At all of these, I WILL make a plan and stick to it because I want to see that needle on the scales going down everytime.

Great post Isis - the kind you wanna post on your fridge door so it's never out of mind :)


Are We There Yet?
Hi Maka

Thanks :)

Yo do have a lot coming up! Two of my sons have birthdays in July also. I am leaving Birmingham during the summer to live in Nuneaton full time also. So, was going to have a big celebration for that. But like you, I shall plan for it and beat it :)

This is our time Maka!

You are right with the fridge idea :) I like it xxx


Full Member
I'm comitting to me:)

Too much time wasted dragging myself down.

I'm 40 now and if I don't think of my weight now I don't think I ever will.


Are We There Yet?
Well done Kelly!! Thanks for joining The Commitment :) I feel a good vibe from this forum right now :)

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