I am making exuses for my self to go eat (day 8) PLEASE STOP ME


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Don't do it love think abt summertime when you are slim and wearing those bikini wow, just have a cuppa lol
I'm doing exactly the same thing an only on Day 2 of re-start number 2 this year (i.e. 9 days :-/)
Not sure why I'm finding it so hard as I easily did 14 days SS before Christmas and didn't even think about food :(


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I was the same two days ago. Told myself that I could eat and then join slimming world to lose the weight, although slimming world hasn't work before!!!!
I stayed stong and looked at wedding dresses on the internet as I want to slim down for my wedding in October. Find something that you want when you are slimmer and spend some time thinking about it or researching it on the internet (holidays, new clothes) It really worked for me and when I woke up the next day, I felt so proud I haven't eaten and stayed 100%
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Don't do it honey... get out of the house, go for walk, call a friend, give yourself a job to do & lose yourself in it, open a good book, listen to some cool music and dance around... whatever it takes to lift your spirits and take your mind off food! You are through the most difficult days, the battle is all in your mind from now on... and you're in charge, remember! If you start to panic, keep posting, we're here for you.

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I agree with all the advice that has already been given, you can do this! I find either taking a walk (burns off even more calories to take you closer to your goal) or a nice relaxing bath does the trick for me! I would also have a nice big drink (of water ;))

or have a go at some of the arcade games here....you can't eat and play at the same time;)


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Keep busy, do whatever it takes. Go and sort out your old summer clothes cos you won't be needing them this year!!!!


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Don't do it....go and have alovely hot bath and pamper yourself or listen to some music, anything to distract you....it will make you feel loads better. I had an ipod for christmas and I have decided when I feel temptation coming on to go and hide myself away and relax. listening to some music.