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I am new....

welcome to the forum hun, calorie counting is simple and fun if you put your mind to it, i mean you can eat anything you like, just as long as your within your limits.

are you planning on keeping a diary on food or exercise? i tend to keep a diary on here daily to keep me on track and also i go to myfitnesspal.com a free site to track my foods and exercise, it also tells you how much calories i need in a day to lose a certain amount weekly so thats quite helpful. how much calories are you planning to eat each day?

hope you enjoy calorie counting and goodluck to you, theirs lovely people on here who has helped me aswell. xx


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Best of luck to you, keep us updated on your progress :)


size 14 here I come
Good luck :) I am CC'ing and loving it :D how many calories are you planning on eating per day?x
Thank you everyone for such lovely, helpful replies. Today has gone fine, I thought it would be torture. I have been very busy though and I think I find dieting hard if I am indoors and I have been out at a children's party most of the day and gardening this morning for a bit so it kept me occupied. I am deffo a boredom and comfort eater.

I did write things down but I will start it properly on here tomorrow keeping track with menus and stuff. Its great to see what everyone does with their calorie usage. Get some tips for wise calorie spending.

I am going to be having between 1500and 1600 calories a day I think although a website I went on said to lose 2lb a week I could have 1834! I have a little 3yr old who keeps me active but to be honest other than gardening and walking I am not going to do exercise to start with. I do walking to the school and back and loads of running around so that will just have to do!

I am so tired today so I will post some menus on tomorrow. Thank you again for the lovely positive welcome


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Wise calorie spending is definitely key, you'll soon get the hang of it and you'll learn how best to space out your calorie intake throughout the day too :)
Good luck - how are you getting on? Calorie counting is the only way for me

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