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hey mandy moo!!welcome to the club ur gunna love it!

the 1st few days u will feel like ur on the journey to hell!afta that its all fun as the scales drop down soooo quickly!only tip is keep at it and glue a bottle of water to your hand!both hands if u want to be adventurous!!!keep us updated

good luck hun xxx


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Hello and welcome to the crazy world of Cambride Diet!

You'll find lots of tips, encouragement and advice on here to help you with your weight loss journey.

Most importantly, drink lots of water and be sure to stick to it 100%, don't be tempted to have a day off, cos it's really hard to get back on track.

Good luck.

Mrs V

Loves Life!

As the others have said and we can't stress enough....drink lots of water!!!!!
Hi Mandymoo, it is true this forum keeps you on track. It is really hard but gets easier. I think I read somewhere over the past few days that you should start cutting back a week before starting, but ask a CDC for advice here. The water helps it really does and it is difficult to get into the water. I am on day 5 now and have no problem drinking 3 litres aday. The best thing about doing this diet is you see the difference on your scales immediately and the lovely people who help you out on minimins. I couldn't have done this diet without all the support here. Good luck and keep posting.


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Hi mandymoo,

Welcome and the best of luck with starting your diet journey next Wednesday.

This is a good time to start cutting down on carbs and increasing your water intake and it will make it much easier to slip into Ketosis once you start your diet as you will have less of the carb withdrawal symptoms.

This is a good time to take some photos of yourself as the weight does come off so fast.

Also to do your body measurements from neck down to your ankles and not forgetting upper arms...this helps as sometimes when the scales might not move as much as you would like the inches may still be coming down.

You might like to check out the Before and After photo thread for Inspiration.


Be sure to make yourself at home and if you need any help please ask as there is always someone ready to help out:).

Love Mini xxx

Hi All And Thanks For Replying So Quick, Please Keep Tipe Coming, Counting And Enjoying My Last Few Days Yum Yum ..
I'm new aswell - I'm just on 5th day & feeling like its worth the small short term sacrifice (I'm SSing for at least 8 wks, though I'd forgotten about AAM week).... Yipeee!

Good luck for next wk - there's lots of fantastic support and very very good strong sound advie here

I'm on day 6 and lemme tell you that days 1-4 were hard.
Headaches, being freezing cold, bad experiences with some of the soups, random cravings (like salmon in dill sauce, or spinach?!!?!?!?)

BUT NOW (tada!) I'm losing weight, feel brilliant, LOADS of energy, found loads of useful recipies on here (look at the recipies sticky above) and although i'm peeing like a camel i'm enjoying myself.

Minimins has gotten me through all the bad times, and the people on here are full of friendship, advice, and you can ask even questions you think to be totally ridiculous, you'll always get an honest opinion or an answer!

Looking forward to getting to know you xxx
As long as you dont have lemon or lime in it, you can have sparkling water.

I second what someone else said up there, try not to be tempted and give in to food because it's harder to get back on track than it was to start the first time :)

Good luck with CD, are you doing sole source? It's a fantastic diet and this forum is excellent for any questions you might have and for support.

hi guys,

I'm new too, although i've been reading posts for a while now and have found this site extremely helpful especially when i've felt like chuking something in my mouth. I am on Day five now. I started on Sunday and have found it really hard. I don't feel hungry anymore but i do still feel like eating. Does anyone have any tips on battling these feelings?
hey mandy good luck! i totally agree with the other guys. First few days are tough but i'm on day 4 now and honestly feeling fab! How much are you at and how much do u aim to lose? Hope it goes well!

Blessing i started on monday and the same haven't found it too bad but when i do feel like eating something i just glugg at the water. also i half one of my choc tetras so have early afternoon and one at supper time. Also i try and take my first half tetra as late as possible-i can usually get to around 1pm on just water. Hope this helps a bit!
Hi to Mandymoo and all you newbys, I'm on day 14 Monday is my weigh in so im hopeful! I started cutting the carbs and drinking extra water 4 days before and i think it really helped the people pn her are super and will keep you focused.
try adding a ticker i have today and seeing the 12lb i lost the first week there in front is a real boost.
all the best.
Hello Mandi and welcome to minimins and the CD and the best of luck on your diet!!! The main advice i can give to you is dont give up even though it's really tough and glug glug glug
I have just made the crisps and they are quite good, I put chilli flakes in and nuked them. Not pringles but at least I know I am getting my nutrients from my soup pack (I can't drink CD hot I think it is the smell of soya or what ever it is). Am drinking a lot of water with the crisps at the same time. Have not felt cold today but have lots of clothing on. This diet is great once you get into it isn't it? Just the first few days are a killer. Anyway what is a couple of months self discipline for a new and better you! I am so determined and Mandi all my new friends keep me at it. If I gave up I feel I would be letting them down too. You go girl get ready for Wednesday
By the way Mandy, look at the sticky Stepping your way into sole sourcing, has lots of great advice there so you will be raring to go.