I am Officially Overweight


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AND NO LONGER OBESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg, so thrilled I wanted to share it with you allx x x x x x


There's something about that OB. word, bet your thrilled to wave that one goodbye.

Dizzy x
Vicky, that is fantastic, I can't wait to get there, it is only another few pounds I think but it just seems to be evading me!
Oh wow, now there is a step down that means a LOT i'll bet! Well done!! :D
FANTASTIC!! I am hoping I am soon just obese not morbidly obese LOL too be just overweight is a great achievement! Imagine what you feel like when you register "Normal" LOL

WEll done, you have done so well!
A huge well done to you!!!
With a BMI of 32, I'm only 2 points away from waving goodbye to the 'O' word forever myself!

I can't wait so I know how you must be feeling. Skinny minnies wouldn't be able to understand how anyone could look forward to being 'overweight' but everyone here will know just where you're coming from!! :)

Congratulations! Next step - normal!
Thanks all, Im a bit emotional to tell the truth, I really cant believe I have come this far and I am so pleased.
Thank you so much for your support and your kind words, it spurs me on even more.
The O word has gone, for ever x x x x
Well done you, thats great news :) I bet you feel a million dollars.

Looking forward to the day when i can join you in saying that :)

Kits x
Fab news, well done

it's amazing what makes us happy and keeps us going isn't it.

I too am looking forward to being overweight rather than morbidly obese
Well done Vicky :D that's great !!!
Pleased for you honey - it made my day when you told me. Its great to be overweight!!!! :)
Yay for overweight!!

Well done on all your hard work so far.

It's a much nicer word....closely followed by normal as an even nicer one!
well done Vicky,
I now know how you feel ive just checked my BMI and i too am just overweight not obese...
It feels good !!