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I am on Day 100!!!!!

Well done Vicky!! xx

You are one of the losers I stalk around here ;)

blimey vicky that's fab!!!

I'm a bit like lisa - don't post that much but tend to lurke a bit!!!
stalkers together...

mega well done for getting this far and you look fabulous darling!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! and a huge pat on the back.


I will do this!
wow Vicky that's fab, what an inspiration you are!
:D BIG well done - you must be so proud of yourself - and rightly so!

Tell us, how does it feel to do it? Has your life changed? Have you changed? You look fab.
Thats brilliant-well done you!

you should be very proud of yourself!:D
SO chuffed for you. You have done amazingly well. Need your help expert advice now - read my strategies thread. PLEASE!!!! :)
What fab replies, and I will tell you all how I feel and what changes have happened as soon as I get 2 mins, DD needs sorting now, love to all x
:D BIG well done - you must be so proud of yourself - and rightly so!

Tell us, how does it feel to do it? Has your life changed? Have you changed? You look fab.
I am so proud of myself,
how does it feel to do it, thats such a hard question, 9lbs left to go on SS, It feels really good, tbh. I am so shocked that I am here, yet also believe that I deserve this, Dont get me wrong, if you read my diary thread then I have good and bad days, I am not perfect, even though I like to think I am!!! Every day I get closer to my goal and every day I am so thrilled that I am here, I have gone from a size 22/24 to a 14/16 and that is amazing and if I could bottle my feelings and give them away to people who struggle on CD I would!!!!

Has my life changed, Yes!!!! I want to do more things, I am braver than I was, I run about with my daughter, I rollerblade every week and I am no longer ashamed of walking down the street. I am happy at the school gates and I am proud that my DH and DD no longer have an obese mum and wife.

Have I changed, hmmmm, I dont think so really, although my confidence has made me into a happier person, and DH is saying that I smile and laugh a lot more now. I think I was always that person who wanted to be happy and giddy, and a little nutty but my weight stopped me from doing it. I think my confidence now is so much better, and although it hasnt changed me as a person my life is happier now.

Hope this helps, I waffle on too much sometimes!!!
Wow...well done...that's fantastic and you look great.

Any tips ie...things you found hard and how you got through?
Thank you!!!

What do I find hard, chatterbox and cravings mainly, but my goal weight is more important to me, I will take advice from anyone that cares to dish it out and deal with things head on, I feel so much better saying no to food than I do when i give in, so I try and think beyond the CB and cravings, as many say on here, icemoose gives fab advice, one thing he said sticks with me, eyes on the prize, and thats what i do, my eye is constantly at my goal weight and nothing will stand in my way!!!

How I get through, as a good pal said to me, I have a will power of steel, even though I dont see it!!!!! I have never ever won my weight battle till now, and I will win this one, and stay winning. I batter all thoughts of food out of my head when they get bad, but on the flip side, I also look at things I want to try when I come off SS, I have planned recipies and all sorts, I have a life time of eating ahead, and if I have to abstain for a few weeks to do that then I will, the difference is now that my lifetime of eating is to live, not live to eat, and I am more important than food. I will never be the unhappy person due to my weight ever again.

Oops, another waffle!!!

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