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i am really really struggling and i just want to cry

Hi all,

its not often I post on here. but i really need to vent.

if i lose 2lb this week i will have a total loss of 4stones on my 2nd go at LT. I have at least another stone and a half to lose until i am at my goal.

But all of a sudden over the last few days its hit me right in the face and i just feel like i cant go on. i keep telling myself to go on to maintenance and i can lose the remainder on that, but i know its faster on tfr. i just dont know what to do and for the first time ever on this diet i am confused and very emotional about it all.

I think maybe alot of it is know how close i am to the end of this long long journey yet it still feels so far.

thanks for listening xx
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Kerry you have done fantastically well and I think you should stick with it if you can.

There is nothing like TFR and the losses you get. And its so hard to get back into (I've tried and failed that many times :)).

You are so close. Just imagine how you'll feel when you get to goal and can wear any clothes you want, wear a bikini on the beach and all the other things we put off until we've lost weight.

But at the end of the day you need to do what's best for you and you should still be massively proud of yourself for what you've achieved so far.

Good luck with whichever route you decide xx
Hello babes, been wondering what had happened to you but you were still on Facebook from time to time so I knew that you were still breathing!

Whats up hun? Is it just the thought of carrying on? I don't recommend another diet, takes too bloody long and then you lose heart......I had half a dozen choccie biscuits today ....cos I could and cos ww is sooooooo slow!

How much more do you want to lose? Break it down into weeks and give yourself just one more week.....summer's coming soon and think of all those little frocks that you could be wearing in a few months time.....or those baggy old cargo pants and a big t shirt cos that's all that fits:eek: then make a choice!

Love you:D
First of all...well done for losing the weight so far. It is so hard emotionally and mentally to battle with your head on LT and stay on track. You are doing so, so well. Just try and imagine not doing TFR and how you will feel then...I think for myself when I did maintenance, I struggled with the fact that I could have some food. I wished I had, had longer to adjust to the weight loss and alter my eating habits accordingly which I didn't as the weight was lost so fast. Needless to say I didn't stick to it and then fell pregnant and it's all back....my fault not LT.

Please, please keep going hun! Look at how far you have come and it is not much longer until you reach your goal and will be able to see it is all worth it. Can I ask if you exercise at all on LT...as I know some people don't change their routines at all? Perhaps if you do then step it up a notch to increase the rate of loss and if you don't maybe start adding a 20 minute walk or something in to your routine a day? I also noticed last time a direct correlation between my mood and feelings and the amount of water I was drinking as after 8 weeks, I was slacking a bit on the water. These are all just suggestions so tell me to get lost if you want lol.

Well done again and I hope you make the right decision for you x Marie :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
You have done so well. Realistically, another six weeks will get you to goal. Everyone goes through tough times on TFR so don't be hard on yourself. See out this week and then see how you feel. Bear in mind that changing to a food based diet will slow your losses. However, it will also prepare you for the long road of maintenance. So it has it's benefits too.
Thank you all so much for your kind words. I am feeling much better now.

I have weigh in Friday so will see how I feel then, I know I will carry on though. its just been a tough day today. tomorrow is another day :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
That's the spirit. Start a countdown now to goal date and you will see the time will fly by.


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Stay strong, and keep going. You can do it! :D

Good luck for Fri weigh in xx
Go for it Kerry, we're the same height and I honestly started to look absolutely fine at about the 12 stone mark......a reasonable size 14. When you get there you can always switch to a conventional diet to lose the last bit but don't do it yet! Xx

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