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I am right proud of myself


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Well done-you should be proud of yourself:) Well done for resisting the sausages! I'm in week 18 now and I've stuck to SS 100%. Makes you feel good doesn't it?


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Well done hunny thats excellent :)
Just think you've overcome something that may seem trivial but when it's your fav things its evidence of the strength of character you have and also your determination to succeed. I went to a restaurant with friends the other day and one of them sat next to me and ordered my favourite dish of all time which is one of the most fatty things on the menu not to mention sheer carbicide lol. But i remained calm and just thought "that evil dish is what did this to me lol" and left having had my shake and a tiny salad but felt really smug hee hee xxx


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Thank you all! I am jigging about on the sofa trying to remember what time my CDC starts weigh ins on a Thursday morning. I don't want to go round there and get her out of bed but I want to get weighed!
This is so exciting, let us know asap how you get on!
You should be proud of yourself. One of the biggest issues I have is that I eat unconciously, don't even think about it until I have already started! So just sticking to the diet shows how much comittment I have, I'm sure it is the same for you.


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well done! thats fantastic, let us know how your first weigh in goes. the first week is so hard, but so worth it when you see the results.


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I lost 13lbs!! I am so chuffed! :D


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I know I know! And a stupid demon in my head keeps saying "if only you'd lost one more pound"!!! But I am THRILLED with 13lbs! First mini goal nearly achieved!


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Wow hun, that's fantastic, you've got every right to be thrilled :happy096:

I re-started yesterday, had a bad day (had to go out for lunch with customers), and am on hol today... which usually means numerous "coffee" breaks to reward myself for doing my chores. The little demon in my head was trying to persuade me I needed a break, but your news has really kicked my motivation in.

Righto, time to attack the kitchen floor while I'm feeling so motivated :D


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Wow thats amazing hun well done :)
you have made such an excellent start now you can look forward to your shrinking body and baggy clothes woo woo xxx


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I did it again. Another week of SS 100% with no blips despite massive temptation on Mon, Tues and Weds night. I am so pleased that I have managed to not cheat at all.

And as a reward I got 5lbs off at my WI today :D


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Oh well done Guru! Fantastic - and I so admire the 100% bit!


Serial Dieter!

I look forward to hearing about less of you next week!!!


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Thank you Bess and Alipally. As a reward I bought myself a DVD and a stack of magazines. Opps!

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