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Slimming for my children
I am starting cd on friday 20th as thats when i can go and meet my new counciller.
But i am out for my birthday tomorrow and sat with my skinny friends! :(

I have NOTHING and i mean NOTHING to wear. they will all be wearing lovely clothes and I will be in my jeans and a black top thats way too small for me and shows all my buldges and black pumps as I cant wear high heals as my feet hurt more cos of my weight!

I dont want to go!
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Im sure your friends will still love you for the friend you are not what you look like.I know thats no help to how you feel, but just try to enjoy the night & then give cd 100% when you start on it.i hold feelings like your having & when im freezing & hungry i think back to why im doing the diet.Good luck.


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Don't be silly hun, Im sure things aren't as bad as you say... and if they are then think of it as the last Birthday you will feel like that as you are starting cambridge.
I often feel like that, and have avoided going up town with my friends due to having nothing to wear/ fear of looking stupid, but if you are with your friends then don't worry, your friends love you for who you are! Enjoy your birthday, maybe treat yourself to a new top if that would help xxx
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Don't despair hunny, just use this night out as a reminder of why you want to lose weight in the first place. Take a picture in the outfit you feel fat in and stick that on your fridge so when you start CD you will remember why your doing it! Before you know it, you'll have the same problem when none of your clothes will fit because you are too small for them. Only difference is you'll be happy to go buy some smaller sized clothes.

ps. I'm sure your friends love you no matter what size you are xx
I rememeber feeling like that.
Just get this one out of the way and think of your birthday next year!!! You'll have a wardrobe stuffed with tiny little-slip-of-dresses and your problem will be choosing which one to wear!!
Just bring on the 20th girl!!! This is your year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Slimming for my children
the three i am going out with friday will prob not care about my weight but the people on sat are hubs friends and i dont know them as much and i dont know if they snigger or not. they are lovely and i email them alot etc but you know when you just dont know people THAT well.
I cant stand having photos taken but i will let hubs prob take one photo and use that as a before photo but dont want any others being taken and being put on facebook!

Purple Hugs

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Let hubby do your photos for sure.. dont' look at them if they're painful, keep them on your pc.. then add more in a month and another month.. and then when you are ready look at them ((Hugs))

I have just added a new one to my album showing me after losing a little weight and now.. The 228lb one I wouldn't let anyone take a full shot of me!! So have nothing to compare with now. I 'came round' at 215lbs thankfully as that is my inspiration not to go back to that weight.

As for going out.. if it's your birthday why not have something more low key? At home (so your chilled) a buffet that can be healthier etc, some entertainment of whatever type you like and keep it that way?

You are on the road to change with your wedding coming up in August, this is YOUR time :)

Good luck! ((hugs))


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Just enjoy your birthday for what it is. Have a good time, wear what you have, and know that next year will be much different!

I know it's a really lousy feeling to have nothing to wear, but know that this will be the last time you'll have a birthday like this. By your next birthday you'll be slim and beautiful and you'll never have to feel like this again.

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