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I am so fed up this morning

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by julie19, 28 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. julie19

    julie19 Silver Member

    First off all I just need to moan - I only lost a pound at WI last night (I know I should be happy with that but I so wanted more).

    So last night I sit down & plan my week, make a shopping list and this morning I got up early to go shopping before I started work, I left the house at 6.50am only to find that some swine has come round the corner of our road too fast & crashed into the side of my car then driven off again, the car is a mess & because it is so old will probably be written off. The only thing I have to hang on to is the fact that they drove off so fast they left the front end of their car behind complete with number plate!! The police have said it is registered & insured but they have to admit to owning it & driving it first. The last thing we need at the minute is to have to buy another car, we just cannot afford it - I am so upset because I loved that car as well:cry:

    Subsequently the shopping hasn't been done, I have just got to work & found that I have left my lunch at home & I haven't had any breakfast at all.

    I feel like demolishing the worst food possible.
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  3. natpot

    natpot Full Member

    What idiots. Thank goodness they are insured, so with any luck it will all be covered. Does your insurance give you a courtesy car?

    What a horrid start to the day - I hope your day gets better from here on in and well done on the lb loss last night. Natx
  4. Cherryade

    Cherryade Full Member

    What gits! Why do people do these things?

    Right. Dont let it throw you off.... you can get through a day like this and falling off the wagon will ony make you feel 100 times worse whereas sticking to plan will make you feel better - and smug that you did it despite the crud day!!

    Have you got a shop near by where you can grab some free food? or a canteen at work where you can grab summat for brekkie?

    Sending you BUG HUGS!!
  5. bettylollypop

    bettylollypop soon to be skinny minnie

    Sorry you have had a bad morning hun, does the insurance not pay out if your car is a write off. I know you will feel like eating all the wrong stuff but don't, as said above it will make you feel worse. However if you have already, don't beat yourself up and draw a line under it. I hope your day gets better xxx
  6. lauryloo

    lauryloo Full Member

    sorry you had such a horrible morning - sometimes life does throw some rubbish at us.
  7. julie19

    julie19 Silver Member

    so the Police have just called me - they said that the owner of the car is claiming the car was stolen & not driven by them - what a surprise - so now I don't know what happens next, the courtesy car company said that they couldn't help if the other driver denied liability, I honestly could sit at my desk & cry this morning - I am so glad I am the only one in the office today
  8. DawnT

    DawnT Member

    I really sympathise with you Julie,
    A few months ago someone scraped and dented my car while I was taking my grand-daughter to school. They, needless to say, just drove off. I was furious and upset. Although my car is 8 years old I've had it since new and it was in A1 condition! I can't afford to pay the excess to have it repaired. How do these people sleep at night?!!:mad:
  9. RM07

    RM07 Silver Member

    Oh Julie what a horrible day you're having. I really don't know what to say as I doubt there is anything that can be said to make things 'better'. I really hope the police can help you more and that the insurance company pay up.

    As for that 1lb... it is 1lb off, never to be seen again and it still means you are on target for the 1st July Challenge. It is fustrating 'only' losing 1lb a week, I've been doing the same for a few weeks now, BUT it is making a difference, you are getting lighter. Hang in there.

    If you need inspiration just look at your ticker... you are doing so well!

    Sending you some big hugs x
  10. *Fallen Angel*

    *Fallen Angel* Full Member

    Sorry for your awful morning. Hope the car issue gets sorted and you've had something lovely to eat. Chin up.
  11. sarahandmolly

    sarahandmolly Gold Member

    Oh honey, that's awful. I have my fingers really tightly crossed for you that the police and insurers manage to sort it all out for you. xx
  12. julie19

    julie19 Silver Member

    Thanks everyone - I still have not eaten today, just haven't felt like it but I will eat soon, not eating is as bad as over-eating with SW.

    An update on the car though - the 'stolen' car has been found and amazingly it was only a few streets away from where the owner - who apparently hadn't driven it - lives, very kind of a car thief to take it somewhere convenient for the owner eh? Anyway I have had to come home to work as I am now waiting for the police to make an appearance along with the insurance assessor - I have never claimed before & didn't relaise what a hassle it is & how much of your time it takes up. As for the person that did it - then they have no balls at all - can't own up & don't care about the mess they leave behind for the innocent to sort out.
  13. RM07

    RM07 Silver Member

    Sounds suspicious if you ask me about being parked a few streets away! If the police suspect that the owner was driving though they will investigate that... surely it can be determined by taking finger prints from the steering wheel?
  14. julie19

    julie19 Silver Member

    they have recovered the car and are now investigating - I really hope they manage to prove he was driving & he gets the book thrown at him but we shall see what happens next.
  15. RM07

    RM07 Silver Member

    Failing that we could all borrow those yellow blobs that represent 1lb at class... take it round and lob them at him ;)
    julie19 likes this.
  16. julie19

    julie19 Silver Member

    Thanks - that gave me my first laugh of the day today and I think we should do that to all criminals - what a laugh:D

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